Fan Engagement

For true fans, the season is 365 days long. Add technology, and those days are 24/7. The combination of the Microsoft Sports Digital Platform with our partner solutions provides fans with full access to apps, social media, the web, live-streaming, video-on-demand, multi-angle cameras, news, statistics, sports feeds and more, on any platform or device, at any time.

The Microsoft Sports Digital Platform offers profile acquisition, single 360-degree fan view, single sign-on to social network accounts, games, social interactions, notifications, services, automated marketing and analytics, digital in-app purchases and integration with external sources. Connecting fans to other fans, to the club and to the players.



Smart Venue

Imagine new ways to enjoy sports inside the stadium, through immersive experiences, socializing with friends near or far and accessing all match content and stats on your device. With Cloud Services, the Microsoft Sports Digital Platform and the support of ISV partners, Microsoft provides a myriad of solutions. It includes a large set of fan services and experiences for the venue, including retail, food and beverage, cashless payments, digital ticketing, access validation, 360 video, IoT, and more.



Business Insight and Productivity

Connect, consolidate and visualize real-time business data to improve customer service, to target your market better, to gain new insights and to obtain better results. ERP, communication and collaboration, infrastructure and systems run the sports organization.



Athlete and Team Performance

Through the consolidation of team and athlete data from almost any source into the Microsoft Cloud, teams can get a 360 view of their players and gain the data-driven insights that will help increase performance and prevent injury. Leveraging dashboards that are easy to customise and operate with training management applications and smart gym experiences, Sports Performance Platform provides training staff with the necessary tools to score an on-field advantage.


  • Sports Performance Platform