Understand, report, and reduce your environmental impact

Gain insights into the carbon emissions related to your Microsoft cloud services with the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator.

Your sustainability journey

No matter where you are in your sustainability journey, Microsoft cloud–based technology solutions can help you move forward.

Assess your impact

Get started by measuring and monitoring your environmental footprint.

Accelerate progress

Adopt more sophisticated solutions to minimize the impact of your organization and supply chain.

Transform your business

Reimagine your business systems and business models while meeting the needs of the planet.

Consider a new standard for Scope 3 emissions transparency

Learn how Microsoft is calculating Scope 3 emissions in our value chain and how we empower customers with insights to inform their reporting.

2020 Environmental Sustainability Report

Microsoft is dedicated to leading a decade of ambition, and we’re sharing our actions, results, and lessons learned.


Carbon negative

1.3M metric tons of carbon removal procured.


Water positive

20 water replenishment projects funded to date.


Zero waste

60K metric tons of waste diverted from landfills.



10 petabytes of environmental data now available.

A glass office building.

Optimize your building operations and infrastructure

See how to minimize the environmental impact of your physical spaces while reducing operating costs in the Sustainable Buildings guide.

Build for the future with experienced solution providers

Explore off-the-shelf and custom Microsoft technology–based sustainability solutions that are designed to help you drive value while achieving your goals.

Sustainability in action

Find out how your business can build a more sustainable future, harnessing the power of technology