Customer data submitted for translation through the Microsoft Translator Speech API, Microsoft Translator Text API, and the text translation features in Microsoft Office products are not written to persistent storage. There will be no record of the submitted text, or portion thereof, in any Microsoft data center. The audio and text will not be used for training purposes either.

Note: Known previously as the “no trace option”, all traffic using the Microsoft Translator Speech API and Microsoft Translator Text API (free or paid tiers) through any Azure subscription is now “no trace” by design. The previous requirement to have a minimum of 250 million characters per month to enable No-Trace for the Translator Text API is no longer applicable.

The free Microsoft Translator end-user products for which audio and text translations are recorded for service improvements purposes are listed below. Please refer to the Microsoft Translator Privacy Statement to learn about the protections for your data that are in place even without the No-Trace option.

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