No-Trace Option

If you are subscribed to a volume of 250 million characters per month or higher (i.e. S2 to S4 tiers), you can request to activate the no-trace option for the Microsoft Translator API.

As a result, no portion of your request to Microsoft Translator will be logged, the submitted text cannot be used to improve the quality of the Microsoft Translator service, and there will not be any record of any portion of your data in the Microsoft data centers.

By activating the no-trace option of your data, the ability for Microsoft technical support to investigate any Translator API issues under your subscription is eliminated. We recommend to use this option only where absolutely necessary.

Please refer to the Microsoft Translator Privacy Statement to learn about the protections for your data that are in place even without the no-trace option.

Submit your no-trace option request for approval

Submit this
contact form
*Don't worry, we won't use any of your information for anything but replying to your question
and include the information below to request the no-trace option. We will validate your Translator Text API subscription and send email with approval and confirmation when the changes are in effect.

Each Microsoft Translator Text API subscription will have its own unique Resource ID. No-trace is applied per Resource ID.

  • Company/Organization name
  • Email address
  • Resource ID
    • In the Azure portal, select ‘All resources’ in the list on the left, select the Translator Text API subscription, click on ‘Properties’ and copy the entire ‘Resource ID’.

To de-activate the no-trace option

The no-trace parameters will remain unchanged until you:

  • Update your request via the contact form, and
  • Reduce the volume of your Translator API subscription below 250 million characters per month.
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