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Microsoft Trust Center is your resource for learning how we implement and support security, privacy, compliance, transparency in all our cloud products and services. The Trust Center is an important part of the Microsoft Trusted Cloud initiative and provides support and resources for the legal and compliance community.

The Trust Center site provides:

  1. In-depth information about security, privacy, and compliance offerings, policies, features, and practices across our cloud products.
  2. Recommended resources, a curated list of the most applicable and widely-used resources for each topic.
  3. Information specific to key organizational roles, including business managers, tenant admins or data security teams, risk assessment and privacy officers, and legal compliance teams.
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Trusted Cloud initiative

To ensure we deliver technology that our customers can trust, we established the Trusted Cloud initiative—a set of guidelines, requirements, and processes for delivering rigorous levels of engineering, legal, and compliance support for our cloud services.

The Trusted Cloud initiative is divided into four key pillars:

Security: Protecting you from external cyberthreats

We take your security very seriously. We spend over a billion dollars a year on our security practices and technologies. Our comprehensive approach to security helps protect your data wherever it may be—in a datacenter, on a phone, on a desktop, or in transit through the Internet.

Privacy and control: Giving you control over access to your data

At Microsoft, we fundamentally believe that customers’ data is their own data, whether it sits in our cloud or in their own datacenter. We invest heavily in technology development and practices to ensure we actively protect your privacy and provide the necessary tools to control both the privacy and administrative aspects of the data you put in the Microsoft Cloud.

Compliance: Unparalleled investment in meeting global standards

Our extensive experience working with the world’s largest governments and enterprises in the most highly regulated industries has been transferred to our cloud services. Our investments in compliance-related technology, resources and staff help ensure that we are proactively adopting new certifications and partnering with regulators and standards bodies to develop new regulation and standards when we identify opportunities to increase digital privacy and safety.

Transparency: Clear insight into our policies and procedures

Transparency plays an important role in developing trust—we work tirelessly to increase not only our own transparency, but the transparency of the industry and its regulators. We publish reports detailing government requests for customer data. We notify individual customers when the government requests data from their data or applications when legally allowed to do so. Finally, we submit to a set of third-party audits and publish the results for our customers.

The Trust Center site was designed to assist the legal and compliance community with information and resources related to:

  • Understanding the requirements and implications of standards conformance and regulatory compliance for cloud computing workloads
  • Articulating the value of compliance, how to use it as a competitive advantage and enabler for informed purchase decisions
  • Learning how Microsoft protects customers by requiring that all government requests for data access strictly respect proper legal procedures and due process
“We as an industry and you as the representatives of the legal and compliance community must together undertake a sustained, systematic program to reinforce and protect our users’ trust in technology.”

— Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer

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