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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 features such as identity and access management, encrypted connections, and data centers that provide security and data privacy in the Trusted Cloud. With Dynamics 365, you can control information access to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that help manage specific business processes across marketing, sales, service, finance, operations, and talent. These modern and secure applications work seamlessly together to help transform your organization to meet customer needs and capture new opportunities.


Now you can take advantage of security and privacy features that are built into Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is developed using the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), a mandatory Microsoft process that embeds security requirements into every phase of development. Using the SDL means that software is more secure because the SDL reduces the number and severity of vulnerabilities in code plus helps address compliance requirements. The result is higher security and privacy for enterprise applications and data.

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Compliance responsibilities

Microsoft complies with data protection and privacy laws applicable to cloud services, and our compliance with world-class industry standards is verified by third parties.

Compliance framework and offerings

We offer a comprehensive framework to help you comply with your specific requirements. Microsoft Dynamics 365 meets many international and industry-specific compliance standards.

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Compliance and financial reporting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations includes features and functionality designed to help organizations meet specific tax, accounting, or financial reporting requirements.

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You are the owner of your data

  • We do not mine your data for advertising.
  • If you ever choose to terminate the service, you can take your data with you.

Microsoft protects your data

We use your data only for purposes that are consistent with providing the services to which you subscribe.

If a government approaches us for access to your data, we redirect the inquiry to you, the customer, whenever possible. We have challenged, and will challenge in court, any invalid legal demand that prohibits disclosure of a government request for customer data.

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Privacy controls

  • Privacy controls help you configure who in your organization has access to the service and what they can access.
  • We provision you with your own logically isolated data repository to help maximize the security and integrity of your data and to prevent mingling of your data with that of other organizations.
The security model of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Data location and access

You know where your data is stored, who can access it, and under what conditions. Find out where Microsoft stores your data:

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We are accountable to you

If you have requested notifications, we will notify you about changes in our service operations. As an administrator, you will receive security, privacy, and audit information, as well as service and compliance notifications regarding datacenter location changes.

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