Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Protect your business from threats across your identities, devices, apps, and data with the latest cloud and mobility features. Get the flexibility to manage and secure mobile productivity with an innovative combination of services that help you protect data and detect breaches.

About Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Support your organization’s security, privacy, and compliance needs as you protect users, devices, apps and data with Enterprise Mobility + Security. Benefit from solutions that work seamlessly across identity and access management, mobile device and application management, information protection, cloud app security and advanced threat protection. Enterprise Mobility + Security includes the following separate services: Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics.

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How we manage your data

You are the owner of your data. Microsoft is governed by strict standards regarding the protection of customer and employee data. We take strong security measures to protect data from unauthorized persons or improper access. Not only do Microsoft policies prohibit your data from being mined for marketing or advertising, we also restrict access by Microsoft personnel and subcontractors, and carefully define requirements for responding to government requests for your data.

Enterprise Mobility + Security includes several cloud services that are operated in regional datacenters in the United States, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. When you initially sign up for an Enterprise Mobility + Security service, for some products, your administrator will create a tenant account and choose the country or region where your data will be stored.

You can cancel your service and ask us to delete your data at any time. If you do not renew your Enterprise Mobility + Security subscription, your data will be deleted within the timeline specified in the Online Services Terms.

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Protect your data

To protect your data, regardless of where it is stored or with whom it is shared, classification and protection needs to be built into the file itself. Microsoft Azure Information Protection is designed to provide this persistent data protection both on-premises and in the cloud.

Secure and manage identities

Help your organization manage user identities and associated access privileges with Azure Active Directory. Secure and restrict access to personal data based on user defined policies with capabilities such as conditional access, user and sign-in risk calculation, multi-factor authentication, and privileged identity management.

Flexible device and application management for your mobile workforce

Discover mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities from the cloud with Microsoft Intune. Provide users with access to company applications, data, and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device, while helping to keep your corporate information secure. Intune helps you ensure that devices attempting to access your organization’s data or apps first meet your team’s security requirements and standards—and gives you fine-grained control of what your users can do with the data once they’ve accessed it.

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Extend your application security into the cloud

Get deeper visibility, granular controls, and enhanced threat protection for your cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security. This service identifies more than 15,000 cloud applications in your network—from all devices—and provides risk assessment and ongoing analytics. Cloud App Security requires no agents: Information is collected from your firewalls and proxies to give you complete visibility and context for cloud usage and shadow IT.

Leverage behavioral analytics to detect and respond to threats

Help secure data by taking advantage of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, an on-premises, non-intrusive solution that leverages deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to analyze Active Directory-related network traffic, as well as information from Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems you may have running in your IT environment. Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics analyzes this information to identify abnormal and suspicious user behavior, known malicious attacks and security issues in your organization.

Microsoft complies with the data protection and privacy laws generally applicable to our provision of cloud services. Our services meet a broad set of international, industry-specific, and country-specific compliance standards. To ensure the safety of your data, we also verify how we achieve compliance through rigorous third-party audits that validate Microsoft’s adherence to standards-mandated compliance controls. You are responsible for determining if Enterprise Mobility + Security complies with the specific laws and regulations applicable to your industry and end users. We have developed a comprehensive compliance framework to help you comply with your specific requirements.

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Microsoft provides transparency about its practices, including sharing where your data is stored, affirming that your data is used only to provide you with online services, and specifying how Microsoft engineers and approved subcontractors use this data to provide services.

We use strict controls to govern access to customer data, granting the lowest level of access required to complete key tasks, and revoking access when it is no longer needed.

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