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Scheduler for Microsoft 365

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Features included

  • Find meeting time

    Cortana will find the best time that works for everyone, both inside and outside of your organization.

  • Send calendar invite

    When a time has been found, Cortana will send calendar invites to all attendees from the organizer’s email.

  • Coordinate across time zones

    Cortana understands time zones. Because it is available 24/7, it can negotiate with attendees and find the best times across their different time zones.

  • Email attendees

    If Cortana can’t find a time that works, Cortana will email attendees to negotiate the best time option until there is an agreement.

  • Add Microsoft Teams meetings

    Cortana can schedule meetings as Microsoft Teams meetings.

  • Reschedule meetings with ease

    Conflicts always happen, just email Cortana and ask to reschedule a specific meeting.

Additional Resources

Scheduler Admin Guide

Learn the requirements and how to set up Scheduler in your organization.

What can you do with Scheduler for Microsoft 365

Scheduler works with Cortana to help reduce the amount of time people spend scheduling meetings and events.