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Weekly Roundup : Aug 12, 2011 : Dissecting a Shady Rat

  • Jeff Jones

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Probably the most widely discussed and interesting story in security news was the follow-on activity from McAfee’s disclosures last week of “Operation Shady Rat.”  As we noted previously, Vanity Fair called it an “unprecedented cyber-espionage campaign and intellectual property bonanza,” while others say the hacking claims are overblown.  Analysis continued this week with other security vendors weighing in and everything from a denial of involvement by China to claims that Shady Rat could benefit investors.  Other lingering news from last week’s Black Hat included coverage of the analysis by iSec Partners on Apple Mac OSX (Lion), “… not recommended for corporate use unless it’s in islands within larger networks, the OSX operating system has made strides.”

Finally, I think it worth noting that in the context of the global drop in the stock market and the riots this week in Great Britain, we see continued reminders (Britain considers blocking social media) of how the Internet is part of the fabric of society and we should expect continued Government involvement as one of the large emerging trends shaping computing.

Shady Rat (Cyber Threats / Cyber espionage)

While not comprehensive by any means, here is a good sampling of the spectrum of discussions generated by Operation Shady Rat.

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