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Tim Large

Principal Research Manager

Tim Large
Tim Large

Tim Large works on displays and display applications in the Applied Sciences Group at Microsoft’s Redmond campus.

He started his career at Microsoft as a Researcher in 2007, working on imaging light-guide technology for displays incorporating human interfaces.

Before that, Tim worked for Optical Systems, Nortel Networks, and the Technology Partnership (TTP) in the United Kingdom.  While at Nortel, he lead a team that adapted landline 10-gigabit optical transmission systems for use on long-distance under-sea links.  At TTP he undertook early development of an electronic switchable lens system from napkin drawing to workable prototypes.

For five years he ran a small consulting business specializing in optical systems and component design.  The company worked on displays, sensors, spectrometers, lighting systems, and adaptive optics; contributed to a number of successful products in the lighting, biotech, and displays industries; and won two U.K. government awards for innovation.

Tim is listed as an inventor or co-inventor on more than 70 patents.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences (physics and history and philosophy of science) from Christ’s College, Cambridge.