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Tara Roth
Editor’s note:
Tara Roth is the Corporate Vice President for Office Test. She joins Office Next today to recap the week that was and to tee up our calendar for next week’s posts.

We’re wrapping up another outstanding week of the Office Preview release. We are getting a lot of great feedback, and hope to get much more. Please continue to help us by sending us your smiles and frowns, and forums feedback on Microsoft Answers, TechNet and MSDN coming.

This week many teams across the division have begun blogging about their specific investments. There is a ton of great information out there for you to read and share. I wanted to highlight some of those early posts here.

One of the most interesting feedback areas in the preview release is the use of streaming technologies for Office. Based on early data on downloads, we have learned that a majority of our Office client suite downloads utilize our Click-to-Run streaming technology and the experience has been a positive one. Among the many reasons is the ability to use the new Office with your old version side-by-side. Customers have been asking for this for quite a while, and we are happy to deliver on that request. Perhaps the best part of the Click-to-Run experience is the time to first run. Because we are streaming the applications, you are able to use them within minutes of booting Office for the first time. It is a significant advance from years past. The Office IT Pro team has offered a lot of information and TechNet has many details on Click-to-Run administration and deployment.

There is so much more to share. Access, OneNote, Office 365, SharePoint, and many other posts at are available today. Many more will be published in the coming weeks and months.

Next week, we’ll cover more on our investments in the cloud. We’ve outlined some of the high-level approaches and strategies, and next week we’ll dig in on topics like SkyDrive, the Server / Services side of our cloud investments and more.

Thank you for your continuing feedback in the Office Preview!

– Tara Roth, Corporate Vice President, Office Test