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OneNote for Android: now with handwriting support, full tablet experience and much more, just in time for back to school

Today’s post was written by Ayush Rastogi, on behalf of the entire OneNote team. 

OneNote for AndroidWe have been hard at work on an update for OneNote for Android, which enables you to take handwritten inked notes, have a tablet optimized experience, and personalize and format your notes.  We are sure you will love it.

If you’re going back to school or know someone who is, check out this updated version of OneNote—the finest note taking application to help you organize your daily work, take class notes, finish homework, research and more.

With this update of OneNote for Android you won’t be able to put down your pen.

Handwriting support

Handwriting support has been the biggest feature request and we have listened to your feedback!  If you have an Android tablet, say goodbye to pen and paper because now you have OneNote to take notes during lectures or meetings. With this update you can take handwritten notes, draw with your stylus and even with your finger. Your notes will sync across all your devices, helping you access them easily and stay organized.
Inking with OneNote

Drawing with OneNote

Inking with OneNote is made to feel natural and fluid. Just like studying from a book, you can annotate on top of content (text, images or screenshots) or highlight the important parts as you prepare for that exam next Monday.

Inking with OneNote 2

Handwriting and drawing is even easier on Android devices, which come with an active digitizer. Just bring your pen to the screen and start writing. To add text or an image all you need to do is tap the page with your finger and bring up the cursor. Once done, just bring your pen back to the screen and start writing.

You can add life to your notes by changing the pen color and thickness. To customize a pen, tap on the selected pen or tap and hold on an unselected pen.

This update also gives you the ability to customize your pages. You can change the page color for visual appeal or add grid lines or ruled lines to your pages to assist in handwriting or drawing. These options can be found under the View tab; you can find these options in the overflow menu on your Android phones.

Tablet optimized UI

We have completely redesigned the UI to fit your Android tablet. The new tablet navigation lets you scan through your notebooks and sections so you change to your notes quickly.

Tablet optimized UI

Ribbon for Android tablets

For those of you who like to keep your notes well formatted, this update has a lot to offer. We have added many new formatting options: font type, font size, font color, highlight color, text alignment and heading styles. You can even organize your notes better by inserting tags to your notes.

Formatting with OneNote


Formatting with OneNote 2

There’s more…of course

We have also made stability improvements and fixes other issues including adding support for LG G3 devices.

You can  download OneNote for Android via Google Play today! We’d love to hear what you think of this update so please let us know in the comments, in-app feedback, or by submitting a review.

Note: If you downloaded OneNote via the Amazon App Store or the Nokia Store, this update will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Join the Beta Community

One final note, all these features have been available through the OneNote for Android Beta program since last month. You too can get early access to new features by going to the community and follow the instructions available on the community page under ‘About this Community.’

We would like to thank the whole beta community for all of its feedback, bug reports and more, we couldn’t have done it without you all. Thank you!

—Ayush Rastogi


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