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Managing your work files in the browser keeps getting easier

We’re constantly working on new ways to simplify how business users of OneDrive can manage their files. Over the next few weeks you’ll see a number of enhancements to the user experience in our web client. These small changes all add up to making it even easier to create, share and find the work files you care about. All of these new capabilities will be rolled out starting this week through the end of March 2015.

Simpler file actions

We’re adding a simple right-click menu to make it easier to access the most common actions you want to perform on your files such as edit, download, share, copy or move and delete. All other actions such as version history are still available under an Advanced option. We are also adding Move or Copy to the list of commands, making the process of moving files around your OneDrive simpler.

right click copy move

Searching and discovering the work files you need

Finding files is getting even easier with smart search. Simply start by typing your search word and OneDrive will show files and folders that match your criteria regardless of whether they’re your files or files that have been shared with you by others!

smart search

We’re making some changes to the way your recent files are displayed. Rather than the traditional list of file names you get a beautiful card layout of your recent files that provide you with a preview of the files plus some context around where the files are stored – this could be your files, files shared with you or files you are editing on team sites. This user experience is in line with how files are displayed in Delve where you can search and discover files that may be relevant or important to you. You can even access Delve straight from this recent files page. All up these changes make it easy to have your important files at your fingertips.


Sharing folders

This little change makes the process of setting up project folders on OneDrive for Business really easy. As you create a folder on OneDrive for Business you now have the option to invite people to that folder as it is created rather than going back and inviting people after the folder is created.

folder share

These simple changes accrue to a better user experience in the browser and compliments the huge strides we’ve made with our mobile apps. Regardless of where you are accessing your OneDrive work files you have a rich experience that’s tailored to the specific device you are working on. Whether you’re editing that whitepaper on your PC or Mac, reviewing and adjusting a colleague’s changes to your spreadsheet on your tablet or quickly reviewing your presentation on your phone in the taxi on the way to the big client meeting – the combination of OneDrive and Office makes the process quick and easy.

This is simply another step forward, we’re working every day to make OneDrive the one place for all your personal and work files.

Reuben Krippner
Director, Product Management, OneDrive