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Office Mix interactive panel tutorials helps you put your best face on

Jumping into any new software program can be a taxing chore even when the potential benefits are known to be great. With our new Office Mix first run experience, we bring a sense of welcoming and enlightenment to the basics.

Office Mix interactive panel tutorials helps you put your best face on 1When you first download and install the Office Mix add-in and then open PowerPoint for the first time, an interactive panel opens on the right-hand side of the screen where you’re presented with three buttons that each play a Quick Start Video tutorial. Additionally, you’re offered an option to “Create Your First Mix,” which opens the Getting Started template. As you’ll discover, the interactive panel is resizable and can be undocked, which permits you to move to split-screen mode and follow in-step with the tutorial’s instructions.

The tutorials include “What is Office Mix,” “Screen Recording” and “Publish and Share.” We’ve also included an easy way for you to “Create Your First Mix.” In the coming months, we’ll be adding more tutorials.

Let’s break down each tutorial individually here:

What is Office Mix?—An overview of what you can do with Office Mix, such as inking, recording, editing and sharing. It also instructs you on how to set up video and audio, narrate using the Slide Notes feature and how to use our Ink marker to put notes on your presentation. You can also learn how to use the analytics to tell who is watching your mixes.

In addition, you’ll see how easy it is to insert quizzes, polls and screenshots, as well as add video and audio files that really make your presentations come to life. You’ll also learn how to preview, edit and securely upload your mix to the cloud. It closes with a look at My Mixes, the place where you can view, manage and share your presentations.

Screen Recording—Step-by-step video showing you how to take full advantage of the power and simplicity of screen recording. You’ll see a how-to covering the ins and outs of embedding video into your Mix. For example, it showcases how you can extract clips from a YouTube video and use the playback controls to get the perfect video experience, and then directly insert it into your Mix. We’ll soon be adding a deeper-dive tutorial on all screen recording features including audio, area selection and trimming.

Publish and Share—Runs through a simple workflow on how to securely upload, publish and share your mixes. This includes how to upload mixes to the cloud and choose different options so your mixes can be played back on any mobile device or web browser. It also details how to set privacy levels for selective sharing with friends/colleagues.

Quick Start Video Tutorials currently launches in a separate browser window to play and soon you will be able to watch them directly within PowerPoint as well.

The experience for IT install users is slightly different from individual installs. At start, IT installs see the normal Home, but the Interactive Office Mix panel is also open, giving users their first glimpse of Office Mix. Individual installs see the open Mix Ribbon, the Welcome to Office Mix template and the open interactive Office Mix panel.

While these three tutorials are essential jumping off points for Office Mix beginners and pros alike, the Office Mix team is hard at work to bring you many more instructional videos and templates.

We think you’ll love having a stack of notes and discoverable features at your fingertips. The tutorials, produced by our Office Mix team, are as quick and enlightening as they are entertaining. Use them to optimize the flash and engagement of every PowerPoint presentation you create.

Until next time,

Happy mixing!

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