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Microsoft 365
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Office LTSC is now generally available

When we look to the future of work, it’s clear it will be built on and powered by the cloud. Microsoft is leading innovations that enable our customers to empower their people to work more collaboratively, effectively, and securely. As we move into a world where hybrid work is the new norm, the cloud provides unlimited potential for teams to connect and create immersive experiences that build connection and progress. Investing in these types of cloud-based solutions will continue to be our priority.

We also know some customers aren’t ready to move to the cloud. We remain committed to supporting our customers and these scenarios. Earlier this year, we previewed Microsoft Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) for Windows and macOS. Today, we’re announcing the general availability of this next perpetual version of Office for commercial and government customers.

Office LTSC is designed for specific scenarios: regulated devices that cannot accept feature updates, process control devices on the manufacturing floor, and specialty systems that cannot connect to the internet. To meet this need, Office LTSC will provide a locked-in-time version of familiar productivity tools. While it offers performance improvements and expanded accessibility, it will not offer the cloud-based capabilities of Microsoft 365 Apps like real-time collaboration and AI-driven automation in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as security and compliance capabilities that give added confidence in a hybrid world.

While this will not be our last perpetual release, we continue to make investments that make it even easier for customers to adopt Microsoft 365. In early 2020, we released a device-based offering for Microsoft 365 that delivers a true user-based experience for organizations that rely on shared workstations. Later that year, we released extended offline access to support field researchers, relief workers, and others who occasionally go offline for months at a time. Microsoft 365 offers the most productive and secure Office experience available, and we’re regularly adding new features, including innovations in collaboration, AI, security, and more.

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For more information on Office LTSC, available to commercial and government volume-licensed customers today, please visit the Office LTSC overview page. We’re also pleased to share both Project and Visio are generally available today. Our consumer perpetual offering, Office 2021, will be generally available on October 5, 2021—more details to follow.

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