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Nicole Herskowitz Posts

Nicole Herskowitz
Vice President, Microsoft Teams

Meet Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro 

Now more than ever organizations need a single, integrated experience that makes working together easier and more engaging for their employees whether they are all in the same room, remote, or—for many of us—a mix of both. Because of this, Microsoft is happy to announce changes to our Microsoft Teams Rooms licensing model.


Discover how Microsoft Teams Phone keeps 12 million PSTN users connected 

With Microsoft Teams Phone, we have been unabashed in our belief that the future of calling is built on VoIP calling that delivers rich voice and video experiences across organizational boundaries. Teams Phone VoIP calling capabilities are complemented by an enterprise-grade PSTN service that provides customers with the ultimate flexibility in how they communicate and collaborate.

How Microsoft Teams uses AI and machine learning to improve calls and meetings 

Disruptive echo effects, poor room acoustics, and choppy videos are some common issues that can detract from the effectiveness of online calls and meetings. Through AI and machine learning, which have become fundamental to our strategy for continual improvement, we’ve delivered innovative enhancements in Microsoft Teams to address audio and video challenges in ways that are both user-friendly and scalable across environments. Today, we’re excited to cover some common meeting scenarios and the AI and machine learning audio and video improvements enabled in Teams.

3 ways to meet new hybrid expectations with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 

Five years ago, we embarked on an exciting journey with Microsoft Teams, building a hub for collaboration and teamwork. Video meetings were not the workplace norm, but it was clear from the beginning that the combination of async and sync collaboration in a single product presented a unique opportunity to reimagine how we work, learn, and connect with others.


Enabling hybrid work with Microsoft 365 and collaborative apps 

The world around us has dramatically changed. Hybrid, global work requires structural changes to how we build and interact with applications. We need a new class of apps that are centered around enabling synchronous and asynchronous modes of collaboration with real-time meetings, ad-hoc messaging, document collaboration, and business processes automation. Microsoft Teams, together with the