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Microsoft Mesh

Connect your workforce with avatars and immersive 3D spaces.

Foster copresence in a world of flexible work

Use Mesh seamlessly in Teams meetings and as a standalone app for hosting larger sized, custom experiences
  • Enjoy rich immersive experiences on PCs and Meta Quest VR devices.
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  • Use avatars and immersive spaces in any Teams meetings.
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  • Use Mesh confidently with the enterprise-grade security and privacy integral to Microsoft 365.
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Elevate team engagement

Avatars and immersive spaces in Teams are included with certain Microsoft 365 and Teams business plans. Custom experiences are added premium features.*

Avatars for Teams

Create multiple avatars with inclusive options to represent yourself uniquely in Teams meetings.

Immersive spaces in Teams

Experience how immersive spaces in Teams foster a feeling of copresence among participants.

Custom immersive experiences in Mesh5

Tailor immersive experiences to meet your business needs, such as employee events, trainings, tours, or internal product showcases.

Connect from anywhere, like never before

Watch the video to learn how Mesh brings teams together.

Try custom Mesh experiences for free

Sign in to add a free six-month trial to your existing business plan.6
Your free trial includes everything in your existing business plan, plus:
• Larger immersive experiences • No-code editor • Mesh toolkit

Contact your Global or Billing Administrator to sign in.


Teams and Microsoft 365 plans

If you are not an existing customer, select a business plan to get started.
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Discover more

Get the latest news and information about Mesh features and releases.

Implementation and support

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Create your avatar and join a meeting.
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Immersive spaces
Get step-by-step instructions to join an immersive space in a Teams meeting.
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Custom immersive experiences
Join custom immersive experiences in Microsoft Mesh.
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Frequently asked questions

  • The standard Mesh features, including avatars and immersive spaces in Teams meetings, are available in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 commercial subscriptions that have a Teams license, or with a standalone offering of Teams Essentials for small and medium-sized business customers or Teams Enterprise for enterprise customers.


    Custom immersive spaces is included with a Teams Premium license or the six month trial for Mesh premium features, and the Mesh app.


  • Sign up for a Teams Premium license or the Mesh trial to start creating custom immersive experiences.


  • Once an admin enables immersive spaces in Teams, select the View menu from a Teams meeting, then select Immersive space.


  • Some Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites do not include Teams so a Teams license must be purchased separately for those plans. Check whether you have one of the following: Teams Essentials, Teams Enterprise, or a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 commercial subscription that has a Teams license.  
    In the Teams admin center, enable the Mesh app.


  • Once an admin enables avatars in the Teams admin center, turn off your camera in any Teams meeting, go to the More menu and select Effects and avatars, then choose from your custom avatars.


  • Go to the Teams admin center to enable avatars.


  • Immersive spaces in Teams offer preconfigured 3D environments out of the box.


    Immersive experiences in Mesh empower creators and developers to build entirely custom 3D experiences for unique business needs, including the ability to customize events using a no-code editor and the Mesh toolkit.


     There are other differences too, such as limits on meeting sizes and limits on hours per month.

  • Read the Developer's Guide to Getting Started to learn more about developer capabilities and download the Mesh toolkit to begin building your own custom environment. Developers can get started without an active business plan or Teams Premium license.


  • Mesh runs on PC and Meta Quest devices.

[1] After your paid subscription begins, cancellation policies vary based on your status as a new customer, and your product and domain selections on Microsoft. Learn how to cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription, and cancel it anytime in the Microsoft 365 admin center. When a subscription is canceled, all associated data will be deleted. Learn more about data retention, deletion, and destruction in Microsoft 365.

[2] Cancellation policies for paid subscriptions may vary based on factors such as your customer status, your product, and your domain selections on Microsoft. You may cancel your subscription at any time in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Certain subscriptions may incur a cancellation fee. Learn how to cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription. When a subscription is canceled, all associated data will be deleted. Learn more about data retention, deletion, and destruction in Microsoft 365. 

[3] After your one-month free trial, you will be charged the applicable subscription fee. A credit card is required. Cancel at any time to stop future charges.

[4] Live captions are available in the English language with Microsoft account identities and more than 30 additional languages with Microsoft Entra identities. Learn more about live captions.

[5] Exclusively available with a Teams Premium license or the Mesh premium features trial.

[6] This offer is applicable with an active Microsoft 365 or Teams plan for business or enterprise. A Teams Premium license is required upon expiration of the Mesh trial. Learn more about Mesh trial.



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