Portrait of Steven Bathiche

Steven Bathiche

Technical Fellow, Devices


Web: http://www.microsoft.com/appliedsciences/
Twitter: @SBathiche
Linkedin: Steven Bathiche

Throughout his career, Bathiche’s guiding motif is that new computer classes evolve because of the continued invention of interfaces between humans and machines, both input and output: novel display technologies, and more natural ways to digitize human intent.

Bathiche leads Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group for WDG, an interdisciplinary team of scientists and product engineers that has been one of the innovation engines for Microsoft devices and experiences since 1999. Shipping contributions have included pen and touch input, new display technology and architectures (Surface), novel uses of computer vision and depth sensing, biometrics, several new software and hardware interaction affordances, and novel uses of machine-learning. Also, he has led several technology acquisitions that have made their product impact: Surface Hub, CamFPD, and Ntrig.

He holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech and an M.S. in bioengineering from the University of Washington. While a graduate student, he developed the Mothmobile, the infamous hybrid robot that used an insect as its control system via a neural electrical interface.