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Microsoft Security

Software Update Validation Program and Microsoft Malware Protection Center Establishment – TwC Interactive Timeline Part 4

  • Bruce Cowper


Continuing the Interactive Timeline series outlining some of the seminal events that have occurred over the last decade, this post looks at more of the key events that shaped the early Millennium, helping to create the perfect storm.

Software Update Validation Program (SUVP)

imageIn January 2005, Microsoft developed the Software Update Validation Program (SUVP) to enable testing of application compatibility, stability and reliability in simulated production environments. The program provided a small number of dedicated, external participants with limited and very controlled access to security updates.


Microsoft Malware Protection Center Establishment

imageIn 2005, the Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) was established to consolidate Microsoft’s antimalware research and incident response expertise into a single organization. The MMPC delivers global malware research, response and protection capabilities to help protect customers worldwide from emerging and existing threats.

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You can view the full Interactive Timeline here.