Accelerating AI innovation

Today, AI is bound by limitations of infrastructure, effectiveness of machine learning models, and ease of development. AI at Scale expands beyond these limitations to allow rapid acceleration of AI innovation.

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Realizing next-generation AI

Discover how we are helping computers more fully perceive the nuances of our world.

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Unlocking new opportunities

AvePoint uses AI at Scale and customized Turing models to keep up with the vast, dynamic knowledge that powers their business.

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Start building at scale

Access our AI models, training optimization tools and supercomputing resources.

Taking on big challenges

AI at Scale works at unprecedented levels of complexity to solve some of today's biggest challenges.

Explore the possibilities of AI

Begin driving digital transformation and innovation with new skills and ideas.

Pioneering a new approach

Learn how Microsoft Research is enabling next-generation AI capabilities, scaled across products and platforms.

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