Create a request to find images for your ML project and communicate directly with photo takers.


Approve or reject submissions based on whether they meet your needs.


Collect images for ML training safely and responsibly under terms that respect submitters’ rights.


Set your own price and only pay for the photos that meet your bar.

Buyer testimonials

Learn how our AI developer customers are using Trove to find high-quality images for their machine learning projects and the benefits of sourcing data from the Trove marketplace.

Data labeling partners

Responsible data collection is only one component of the responsible AI story. Once you have collected images for ML training, you can use one of our trusted labeling partners to annotate your data.

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Labelbox is a ML data platform that enables data science teams to collaboratively annotate, manage, and iterate on training data at scale. Customers can get to production AI faster and reduce their ML development cycles.

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Alegion provides training data solutions for enterprise-grade machine learning. The platform features support for robust ontologies, data security, workflows, and quality control for projects of any size.

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You will have full visibility to all the projects available, details about who is posting them, and how your images will be used for training AI.


You decide how you want to participate in AI projects and how your photos are used.

Fair compensation

You get paid a fair price for your contribution to AI projects.


You can communicate with AI developers throughout the process to stay informed on projects you contributed to.



Trove allows people to contribute their own photos of inanimate objects and non-personal data for computer vision AI projects. Over time, we’d like to expand beyond photos to other AI domains like speech, text, and other types of data.

From the time your project is approved and posted, you should receive responses within a few days. Projects generally receive enough submissions to be completed within 2-3 weeks. This is based on average project completion times from previous developers; your timing may vary depending on your project needs.

Through clear and transparent licensing, Trove provides both developers and photo takers insight into how data is used and ensures everyone’s privacy. Review the Terms of Use here.

Pricing will be determined based on a few different factors, like how difficult it is to provide a photo. To have your project reviewed, please submit your information and the team will get back to you.


We are currently offering a $500 credit for developers to use Trove. Eligibility for the $500 credit depends in part on having an acceptable Trove project and making payments via Trove. Full details on the offer and all eligibility requirements can be found in the official terms.

The exact amount per photo will range depending on the project. While prices are currently fixed, you can work with us to figure out the right prices for future projects by providing feedback through our forum on Reddit.

Developers: Projects can be submitted from any country.

Photo takers: Right now, Trove is only available to photo contributors in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and in the United States. Please fill out this form to let us know where we should expand to next.

When you share a photo on Trove, you license your photo for the purpose specified on a project. You retain rights to the original photo, which means you can license it to other Trove projects or continue to sell the photo elsewhere.

If you are an AI developer, please use this form. If you are a photo taker, get the app on Google Play or go to the web app.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be viewed here. You may also reach out to the Trove team directly by emailing

*Start free with a $500 credit towards for your first data collection project, which is roughly 2,500 photos at $0.20/photo or 500 photos at $1.00/photo. Receiving the credit depends in part on having an acceptable Trove project and making payments via Trove. Full details on the offer and all eligibility requirements can be found in the official terms.