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Future Vision

How can emerging technologies transform the way we get things done 5-10 years in the future?


The independent marine biologist for hire


The independent marine biologist for hire


The executive searching for an expert for her project
We believe the future of work will be centered around people. The following four themes guide our thinking.

1 Collaborative

Bringing People Together

2 Intelligent

Living Smarter

3 Natural

Friction Free Creativity

4 Mobile

Fluid Mobility



Bringing people

Collaborate in better ways.
Both in-person and remotely

Collaborate in better ways, both in-person and remotely


Do More Together

The digital blackboard in the lab creates a smart multi-user space that allows team members to work on challenges together. Lola appears on the blackboard and is able to interact with the team and manipulate the same content as if she was in the room with them.


Be With Me

Kat shares her live dive experience with a classroom. The children can see what she sees, use real-time translation to communicate, and annotate her view.


Team Workspaces

In the cafe, Kat and her team work together contributing different kinds of content to a shared digital canvas. They can see what each other are doing, and easily discuss and share ideas.




Make the most of every moment with
assistive intelligence

Make the most of every moment with assistive intelligence


Smart Personal Agents

Kat receive an invitation from Lola on her bracelet. Her personal agent proactively suggests options for her. She can now use simple gestures to accept the invitation, rearrange her calendar, and book a space to prepare.


Work with Real-Time Data

In the office, Lola discovers potential candidates by invoking data that is visualized for her in real-time. it is easy for her to drill-in, extend criteria, and change views to support her train of thought.


Stay Focused & Informed

In the café, contextual feeds for her life and work keep Kat current and focused, drawing across apps to bring the right things to her attention at the right time.



Friction Free

Explore information, Assemble ideas and tell
stories naturally

Explore Information, assemble ideas and tell stories naturally


See Your World in New Ways

Underwater, and later in the lab, 3D holograms augment Kat's view of her tools and environment, creating a Mixed Reality. She can see, move around and interact naturally with information and virtual objects placed in her world.


Modern Authoring

In the café, it's easy for Kat to assemble data, organize her thoughts and author across formats on her canvas. Her work is then automatically composed into a beautiful modern document, full of live data and interactive content.


Mixed Natural Interactions

Throughout the video, Kat, Lola, and team interact with content and services on their terms, using fluid combination of touch, ink, gesture, voice, and gaze to get their work done.




Move your experiences fluidly and securely,
and extend them into your environment

Explore Information, assemble ideas and tell stories naturally


Augmented Conversations

In the office, Lola spontaneously extends her phone call from her earpiece to a wall. She seamlessly moves into a richer mode of interaction as her digital assistant visually augments the conversation with relevant information.


Adaptive Environments

In the lab, the blackboard recognizes Kat's team as they enter the space. They can quickly 'rehydrate' the room with their project and resume where they left off.


Secure Mobility

In the co-working space, Kat securely transfers her cloud based project work to a touchdown desk. The desk takes on her settings and provides a rich, multimodal work surface for her to prepare for her meeting.

We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO