Call, meet, and chat with Microsoft Teams Phone

Remove obstacles and focus on what matters. Teams Phone helps people work together directly and access chats, team channels, and shared content.

Thrive in a hybrid world

Hybrid workers are increasingly on the move. Flexible calling solutions help boost productivity on any device from PCs to mobile phones.

Designing hybrid meetings

While Teams Phone enables spontaneous connections, teams at Microsoft also help people see eye to eye.

What customers are saying

Organizations are already partnering with Microsoft to help their employees succeed in the new world of flexible work. But don’t take our word for it.

A meeting in a conference room with many people.

“We’ve seen a significant jump in calling performance with Teams Phone.”

–Chris Henggeler, Assistant Director of User Experience

A global view of connections across continents.

“Our goal is to free employees from their desk phones and enable them to answer business calls anywhere.”

–Thomas Mark, Senior Manager for Unified Communications

People having a conversation in an office.

“With the flexibility and agility of Teams, we have the support we need in a process of transformation.”

–Franck Le Moal, CIO

Learn more about flexible work solutions

Discover how best-in-class calling solutions enable flexible work. 

Teams Phone

Stay connected from virtually anywhere with voice and video calling on computers, tablets, mobile devices, or desk phones.

Private Branch Exchange

Get more features and less cost with a digital solution that uses the internet and Teams.

VoIP solutions

Teams Phone supports Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls to anyone, whether they’re using a landline, mobile phone, or the Teams app.

Operator Connect

This seamless and powerful PSTN deployment option is now generally available.

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