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A collage of people wearing headsets, a team meeting in a conference room and icons from Microsoft Teams.

Audio conferencing

No internet? No problem. Join a meeting using Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing.

Take meetings on your terms

Use a global audio conference system dial-in number to join a call from virtually any device.

Simply dial in to a meeting

Join meetings by dialing a toll or toll-free phone number and entering a conference ID.

Bring everyone together

Add people to your meeting by dialing out using the Teams app.

Simple setup and management

Easily add, monitor, and manage audio conferencing from the Teams admin center.

Conference room audio/video solutions

Bridge the hybrid work gap with meetings where everyone can fully participate.

Never miss a meeting with Teams Audio Conferencing

Check out a few features that Teams Audio Conferencing offers.

A hand holding a phone on the dial screen in Microsoft Teams

Dial in

Simply dial the phone number for your meeting and enter the conference ID to join.

A person walking up stairs while on a call on their mobile phone.

Dial out

Add others to your meeting using the Microsoft Teams app.

A person wearing a headset and using laptop.

Call me feature

Join the audio portion of a meeting by calling your own phone number.

A person using Outlook on their laptop.

Improved privacy

Feel at ease knowing that your meeting is accessible only to those who have the conference ID.

A car display showing a Teams call through Apple CarPlay.

Hands-free option

Multitask by using a Bluetooth device.

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Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing with dial-out to USA/CAN

Originally starting from Free now starting from Free

Free Free

  • Add to your Office 365 or Microsoft 365 plan

    Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing with dial-out to the United States and Canada includes:

  • Unlimited toll dial-in minutes3

  • 60 dial-out minutes/user/month pooled at the tenant level to United States and Canada phone numbers

  • Microsoft Teams license required. If you don't have Teams license, go to the Teams Enterprise page to learn more.4

See rates for where you want to call

Get a detailed list of the standard subscription and pay-per-minute rates for your agreement by country or region and by currency. Communications Credits rates are for charges not included in your subscription plan.1

Select the country or region for your organization’s billing address

Select currency

Select your rate type2

Frequently asked questions

  • Teams Audio Conferencing allows meeting attendees to dial in to Teams meetings from virtually any device. Meeting organizers can also dial out to attendees to connect them to the audio portion of the meeting. Consolidate conferencing solutions, simplify operations, and reduce complexity and support costs for IT while enabling your employees to work from virtually anywhere.

  • Yes. Toll-free phone numbers are available, but only in certain countries and regions. For a complete list of numbers available, see country and region availability for audio conferencing and calling plans.

  • Participant limits vary by meeting type. See limits and specifications for a detailed breakdown.

  • Communications Credits offer a pay-as-you-go model that allows Microsoft Teams users to pay for service outside of their subscription offerings. In addition, Communications Credits are a way to safeguard potential service outages if a user exceeds the allocated monthly minute limits within their subscription. Learn more.

  • For Audio Conferencing services, there is a distinction between two types of countries. Countries that are considered Zone A/included dial-out will have 60 minutes per user per month of dial-out conferencing, pooled at the tenant level, included as part of their service plan. Learn more.

    Customers in countries that are considered pay-as-you-go dial-out will not have dial-out conferencing included in their service plans. Customers in pay-as-you-go dial-out countries must establish a Communications Credits account and will be charged by the minute for all dial-out conferencing usage. Learn more.

  • Meetings must be organized by a licensed user. Administrators can add users in the admin center. Learn more.

Get started with Microsoft Teams today

  • [1] Rates listed (for tenants provisioned in the United States) don’t include tax. International dial-out rates are subject to change monthly, and individual rates are not locked during the term of your agreement. Changes will be minimized where possible to avoid disruption while ensuring prices remain competitive with local market rates and conditions.
  • [2] Download standard subscription or pay-per-minute rates. Standard subscription rates include dial-in calls to toll-free numbers and dial-out calls. Pay-per-minute rates include dial-in calls to toll numbers, dial-in calls to toll-free numbers, and dial-out calls.
  • [3] As of October 2023, some Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites no longer include Teams. Subscribers to those plans must purchase a Teams license separately. Microsoft reserves the right to limit or terminate use of the capability in the event of abnormal usage or suspicion of use for fraudulent purposes.
  • [4] Available in countries where Teams Audio Conferencing is available for purchase, with exceptions in China and India. See country and region availability.

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