Introducing the Microsoft Garage Gallery “Spirit of Being” exhibit with multidisciplinary artists

New York City has always been home to artists and creative minds who push the boundaries of art, technology, and storytelling. The newly built Microsoft Garage facility in Lower Manhattan is one of many exciting places where The Garage is establishing programs to fuel innovation both within and outside the company. Part of The Garage space in NYC hosts an in-person art gallery (open to the public once gatherings are permitted), which is now available as an immersive online experience—viewable by phone, laptop, or VR headset—making these creative works accessible to anyone virtually, worldwide.

Garage Gallery, Spirit of Being virtual exhibition

Microsoft Garage Gallery immersive art exhibit, Spirit of Being

In the first exhibition of the Garage GallerySpirit of Being, curated by Heather Falconer of Hatchers, six multi-talented artists use technology as a key element of their artistic narrative. They explore what it means to be present in our current times of technological advancement, disparity, diversity, economic depression, media consumption, global health, and climate crisis. Each work of art in the Spirit of Being exhibition is a form of expression to uplift hearts and minds and inspire dialogue and reflection.

An important part of The Garage commitment to spread a growth mindset—and a culture of learning by experimenting—is engaging with local communities, including customers, partners, artists, students, and businesses. The Garage plans to continue using this experimental gallery to showcase the latest works from pioneering artists and employees who imagine a better tomorrow, and build upon the curiosity, ingenuity, and creativity found throughout Microsoft.

Explore the Garage Gallery now.

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