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Trust with Our Customers

When making decisions, ask yourself: does this build or harm trust with our customers?

Our ability to meet people and organizations where they are, with what they want and need is our path to success. Our customers must be at the center of everything we do. Look for ways to engage our customers, advocate for them, and empower them to achieve more.

Honor Privacy

We are transparent about how we handle customer data.

Our business can succeed only if our customers trust us to protect their privacy and use their data in the ways that they permit us.

How we build trust:

  • We follow local privacy and data protection laws.
  • We provide clear and accurate privacy notices when collecting or processing personal data.
  • We honor privacy choices by using customer data to provide the services customers have agreed to.
  • We protect our customers’ data by building secure products and services.

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Don’t Make Improper Payments

We are truthful and transparent in our interactions with customers, and do not influence their decisions through improper payments.

Corruption harms our customers in many ways, including sometimes causing them to pay more than they should. Winning and preserving customers’ trust every day is more important than any benefit we might get from doing business improperly.

In some parts of the world, paying a bribe to get business may be something that others are doing. We won’t. We would rather lose the business than secure it through a bribe, kickback, or other improper benefit.

How we build trust:

  • We refuse to offer or pay bribes or kickbacks to anyone.
  • We prohibit corrupt payments of all kinds, including payments to secure permits or approvals, and small payments to speed up a routine government process (often known as a “facilitating payment”).
  • In any deal, we avoid hidden terms or arrangements and reduce complexity wherever possible, because transparent transactions reduce the risk of a bribe or kickback.
  • We use partners that have a reputation for integrity, and we report signs that a representative is unethical or could be paying a bribe.
  • We make sure that any gifts, hospitality, or travel we offer to government officials are reasonable and appropriate, and pre-approved where necessary.
  • We hire the best candidate for the job, and do not make hiring decisions to benefit a customer or official.
  • If we make charitable donations, we do so to support a legitimate charitable cause, not as part of an exchange of favors.

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Compete Fairly

The way we compete is as important as the result we achieve.

Healthy competition and fair business practices put our customers first by giving them access to a variety of products and services at fair prices. Competing fairly ensures that we meet our business objectives with our integrity intact.

How we build trust:

  • We avoid any formal or informal agreements with competitors that limit competition.
  • We respect competitive bidding processes, and do not rig or fix the outcomes or help anyone else do so.
  • We do not dictate the prices that our independent channel partners charge their customers.
  • When gathering competitive intelligence, we use appropriate sources, are truthful, and do not misrepresent who we are.

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