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Trust with Our Representatives

When making decisions, ask yourself: will this strengthen our long-term working relationship with our representatives and customers?

We hold ourselves to high ethical standards, and we expect our representatives, who are the partners, vendors, consultants, and other companies who work on our behalf, to meet the standards we set for ourselves. We earn trust with our representatives when we return value to them, and don’t ask them to do anything we would not do ourselves.

Use Trustworthy Representatives

We use honest, ethical representatives who commit to doing business ethically when working on our behalf.

Our business relies on a large network of representatives—such as partners, vendors, and consultants—for success. Their actions reflect on our company’s reputation as much as our own. When our representatives do business with integrity, we retain and strengthen the trust we’ve established with our customers and the public.

How we build trust:

  • We understand our representatives’ qualifications and reputation before we engage them to work on our behalf.
  • We understand the reasons for including a particular representative in a deal or transaction, and only do so where it’s appropriate.
  • We cultivate trust with our representatives and never ask or suggest that they do things that are not allowed under the law or our policies.
  • We do not pressure partners or resellers to place orders for products or services they do not want or need, or retaliate against them for refusing to do so.
  • We report signs that a representative could be engaging in corrupt or unethical behavior while representing Microsoft.

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Treat Gifts, Hospitality & Travel Responsibly

We demonstrate sound judgment and moderation when exchanging business courtesies.

Giving and receiving gifts, hospitality and travel can build strong working relationships and goodwill between Microsoft and those we do business with. But gifts, meals, or trips that are extravagant or lack transparency or a legitimate purpose may be viewed as bribes or as simply inappropriate. These things erode trust and harm our business.

How we build trust:

  • We develop positive relationships free of corruption and commercial bribery.
  • When we offer or accept gifts, hospitality, or travel, we make sure they are reasonable, appropriate, and have a legitimate business purpose.
  • We never give or accept cash.
  • We do not solicit gifts, hospitality or travel from third parties, or put them in a position where they feel obligated to provide something in order to do business with us.
  • We don’t ask a representative, like a partner or supplier, to give gifts, hospitality, or travel on our behalf.

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Choose Suppliers with Integrity

We rely on our supplier relationships for our success.

To achieve our mission, we need suppliers that are as committed as we are to building trust with our customers, that will do great work, and that will follow the law.

How we build trust:

  • We select the best suppliers for the job, by carefully considering their proven track record, reputation for integrity, and other merits—not based on favoritism.
  • We work to eliminate child labor, human trafficking, and other labor abuses in our supply chain.

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