Recent News

Microsoft and ServiceNow Enter Strategic Partnership

December 3, 2018

Broadening their alliance enabling ServiceNow to deliver digital workflows through Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud, Microsoft and ServiceNow have entered into a strategic intellectual property (IP) agreement. The IP agreement promotes ServiceNow’s adoption of the Azure Cloud and continues to provide ServiceNow with access to Microsoft’s Azure IP Advantage program, which provides best-in-industry protection for IP risks in the cloud.


Microsoft and LG Renew Patent Cross License Agreement

August 19, 2018

Microsoft Corp. and LG Electronics Inc. have renewed their long standing patent license agreement, which includes broad coverage for each company. Under this agreement, Microsoft and LG will share their patented technologies for years to come.


Microsoft and TruGrid announce Remote Desktop Protocol licensing agreement

April 3, 2018

Microsoft Corp. and TruGrid (N.E. Desktop Software, Inc.) announced they have entered into a license agreement to enable access to Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) technology for TruGrid's Simple & Secure Workspace, hosted in Microsoft Azure. The agreement will provide customers with simple yet secure access solutions to do business in the digital marketplace.


Microsoft and ClearSky announce SMB licensing partnership

March 23, 2018

Microsoft Corp. and ClearSky Data announced they have entered into a licensing agreement to enable access to Microsoft’s Server Message Block (SMB) file transport technology for ClearSky’s on-demand, hybrid cloud storage service for backup and disaster recovery (DR). The agreement will enable users to seamlessly transport multiple files or programs between ClearSky’s service and Windows tools simultaneously.


Microsoft and Compuverde announce SMB licensing partnership

February 22, 2018

On Thursday, Microsoft Corp. and Compuverde announced they have entered into a license agreement to enable access to Microsoft’s Server Message Block (SMB) file transport technology for Compuverde’s software-defined storage (SDS) solution. By incorporating SMB connectivity with the flexibility of Compuverde’s SDS, users are able to offload programs or files from multiple servers across multiple locations simultaneously.


Paragon and Microsoft Expand exFAT Partnership to Bridge Gap Between Operating Systems for OEMs

November 14, 2017

Paragon Software Group Corp. and Microsoft Corp. have broadened their partnership to offer new Universal File System Driver (UFSD) alternatives to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) whose products support Microsoft’s exFAT file system. Paragon has also branded its exFAT, NTFS and Windows drivers with the Microsoft name.


Microsoft announces new licensing partnership with Casio

April 3, 2017

Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Casio Computer Co. Ltd. announced a new patent licensing agreement that includes broad coverage for smartwatch technologies. Casio’s smartwatches, which include Casio’s WSD-F10 and WSD-F20 Smart Outdoor Watch, enable modern personal connectivity, while also coming equipped with many sensors that support a complement of outdoor features such as activity monitoring, and altimeter, barometer and compass readings.

“Casio’s smartwatches combined with Microsoft’s technology will help customers all over the world achieve more from their wearables,” said Micky Minhas, head of Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC. “This is an outstanding partnership that builds on Microsoft’s heritage of innovation in the technology powering personal wearables to boost Casio’s best-in-class products in this space.”

“Casio is committed to creating innovative products for all our customers, and this partnership builds on our longstanding relationship with Microsoft that’s covered products and solutions ranging from industrial handheld terminals to business information systems,” said Hiroshi Okumura, general manager of Intellectual Property & Legal Department of Casio.

Microsoft Announces New Licensing Partnership with Bittium

March 29, 2017

Microsoft announced a new patent licensing agreement with Bittium covering smartphones and mobile devices. This agreement enables both parties to benefit each other’s patents concerning mobile handsets.

“Microsoft is thrilled to announce a new patent partnership with Bittium. This collaboration enables Bittium to support the critical work of their customers from governments to first responders,” said Micky Minhas, head of Microsoft Technology Licensing

Bittium (formerly known as Elektrobit) is a Finish technology company whose product portfolio includes also mobile devices for professional users such as government agencies, contractors and first responders globally.

Microsoft announces patent license agreement with Toyota, enhancing connected car experience for consumers

March 22, 2017

Microsoft Corp. today announced a new patent licensing agreement with Toyota Corp. that includes broad coverage for connected car technologies. Today’s agreement builds on Toyota and Microsoft’s strong partnership, which includes their collaboration on the Azure-based Toyota Big Data Center.

“Microsoft invests $11.4 billion annually in research and development and for more than 30 years has been developing innovative technologies that are powering today’s connected car experiences. When you look across telematics, infotainment, safety and other systems in today’s connected cars, you find Microsoft technologies and innovation,” said Erich Andersen, corporate vice president and chief IP counsel of Microsoft’s Intellectual Property Group. “Microsoft doesn’t make cars; we are working closely with today’s car companies to help them meet customer demands, and we’re pleased today to announce the licensing of our patented technology to our partner, Toyota.

“This is an exciting time in the industry, and we believe that to create the best, most immersive connected car experiences, automotive makers should partner with technology leaders like Microsoft,” said Tokuhisa Nomura, executive general manager of Toyota’s Advanced R&D and Engineering Company. “Through this patent partnership between Toyota and Microsoft, we will be able to innovate faster to deliver new, contextual and immersive experiences to our customers.”

Microsoft & Quanta Extend IP Partnership

December 20, 2016

Microsoft Technology Licensing is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Quanta Computer to extend its existing patent license agreement. The renewed agreement enables Quanta to leverage Microsoft’s cutting edge technology on its tablets, smartphones, and other devices, and helps strengthen the relationship between the two companies as they explore new business opportunities.

“Microsoft is a committed partner to leading innovative companies like Quanta, and we are thrilled to build on our IP and business partnership to support Quanta’s customers all over the world,” said Micky Minhas, Microsoft Vice President and Associate General Counsel.

Microsoft and Tuxera strengthen partnership through Tuxera SMB Server

September 14, 2016

Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Tuxera Inc. announced they have expanded their collaboration to Server Message Block (SMB) technology, fueling innovation in a range of fields and enhancing business solutions for customers around the globe. The collaboration comes as Tuxera launches its new Tuxera SMB as a drop-in replacement for the open-source Samba and other alternative SMB/Common Internet File System (CIFS) servers, ideally suited for embedded platforms.

“We are excited to expand our multiyear cooperation with Microsoft to new technologies,” said Mikko Välimäki, Tuxera’s CEO. “Building on our market understanding as the global leader in file systems, Tuxera SMB has state-of-the-art modular architecture that makes it possible to run the server in both user and kernel space and reach hardware limit in I/O throughput, while maintaining the lowest possible CPU usage and memory footprint of any other alternative.”

“Microsoft has helped lead the way in developing connected technologies, and SMB is integral to our server and business solutions,” said Nick Psyhogeos, president of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “Agreements like ours with Tuxera will accelerate the pace of innovation and shape industries that depend on a near-universal language for file transfers across networks.”

Lenovo and Microsoft deepen strategic ties across devices

August 22, 2016

Microsoft Corp. and Lenovo announced a deepening of their strategic relationship. Lenovo will load Microsoft’s productivity apps — including Microsoft Office, OneDrive and Skype — on select Lenovo devices that use the Android™ operating system. Lenovo expects to ship millions of these Android-based devices worldwide over the next several years. This expanded collaboration between Microsoft and Lenovo also includes a patent cross-licensing agreement that covers Lenovo and Motorola devices.

“Microsoft’s thrilled that our productivity apps will be pre-installed on Lenovo’s premium devices,” said Nick Parker, corporate vice president OEM Division, Microsoft. “The marriage of Microsoft’s apps and Lenovo’s Android-based devices will enable customers around the world to be more productive, more connected and achieve even more.”

“Our collaboration with Microsoft will create new opportunities for our customers to take advantage of some of Microsoft’s most popular apps,” said Christian Eigen, Leader of Corporate Alliances, Lenovo. “Installing Microsoft apps and services on our devices will bring additional value to consumers around the globe.”

Luna Mobile and Microsoft to partner on mobile technology

June 28, 2016

Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Luna Mobile announced a new patent partnership that will expand smartphone and tablet technology for customers around the world.

This patent collaboration comes as Luna Mobile prepares to release a new line of smartphones and telecommunication services later this year. While the contents of the deal are confidential, the companies said Microsoft will receive royalties from Luna under the agreement.

“Microsoft is committed to empowering people all over the world to increase their productivity, and that’s what this new collaboration with Luna Mobile is all about,” said Nick Psyhogeos, president of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “Luna Mobile is at an exciting place right now, and its partnership with Microsoft on patents will usher in the kind of innovation needed to deliver enhanced features and user experiences for customers all over the world.”

“We are very happy to partner with Microsoft, a worldwide leader in the mobile and tablet experience,” said Todd Walker, CEO and president of Luna Mobile. “When we launch later this year, we look forward to providing distributors and consumers with the best and most cost-effective mobile devices and technology currently available. Collaboration with companies like Microsoft has helped tum our vision into a reality.”

“All of us at Luna look forward to a long-term and productive relationship with Microsoft,” said James Mayiras, Luna’s chief innovation officer. “It provides a great foundation for us to expand upon as we build a global brand.”

Jearwon Microelectronics and Microsoft to partner on cloud desktop business solutions

June 27, 2016

Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Jearwon Microelectronics announced a new partnership that will expand cloud-based business solutions for enterprise customers around the world. This collaboration — which includes the delivery of patent license rights — on remote desktop technology comes as Jearwon Microelectronics, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-performance central processing unit (CPU) technology, unveiled its Z1 CPU and ZERO PAD™ products at its headquarters in Changchun, China, today as well.

Huang Wei, CEO of Jearwon Microelectronics, said, “Market research shows that the cloud desktop is the future of enterprise computing, and offering an affordable, high-performance zero client will allow businesses to fully take advantage of this technology. Jearwon is happy to partner with Microsoft, a leader in commercial cloud environments. The Jearwon Z1 CPU has many applications, including integrating it into zero clients, AIO zero clients and tablets. Cloud computing and desktop virtualization are the future of computing, and by partnering with Microsoft, we are creating products that have widespread appeal.”

“Cloud-backed business solutions are essential for enterprise customers around the world, and this new partnership with Jearwon is about delivering better, more efficient services to empower businesses to thrive,” said Nick Psyhogeos, president of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “Jearwon is a leader in the industry producing a RemoteFX ASIC acceleration system on a chip, and we are excited to collaborate with them.”

Microsoft and Xiaomi expand partnership to bring productivity services to millions of devices and customers

May 31, 2016

Microsoft Corp. and Xiaomi Inc. have expanded their global partnership to provide innovative user experiences on mobile devices. As part of the agreement, Xiaomi will ship Microsoft Office and Skype on Xiaomi Android smartphones and tablets. As a result, tens of millions of consumers and business customers in China, India and around the world will have new ways to work, collaborate and communicate. The companies’ new collaboration also includes a cross-license and patent transfer agreement.

“We are excited to be working closely with Microsoft on a broad technology collaboration partnership,” said Xiang Wang, senior vice president at Xiaomi. “As demonstrated by this agreement with Microsoft, Xiaomi is looking to build sustainable, long-term partnerships with global technology leaders, with the ultimate goal of bringing the best user experience to our Mi fans.”

“People want their favorite apps and experiences to work seamlessly on the device of their choice, and that’s exactly what this partnership offers,” said Peggy Johnson, executive vice president of Business Development at Microsoft. “Together with Xiaomi, we’re bringing the very best in mobile productivity to millions more customers in China and around the world.”

Microsoft and ELECOM’s new partnership means more innovative business solutions for customers

May 11, 2016

ELECOM CO. LTD. and Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC announced that they will be partnering on a range of business solutions for customers including network attached storage (NAS) and tablets.

“We’re pleased to announce a new patent collaboration with ELECOM that will ultimately deliver more innovative technologies to customers,” said Nick Psyhogeos, president of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “This partnership is an example of how the mutually respectful and beneficial exchange of technology can empower businesses and consumers to achieve more.”

“Our agreement with Microsoft will allow us to connect customers to devices with better usability,” said Koji Kajiura, managing director, Products Development, ELECOM. “Collaborative licensing partnerships like this one improve the user experience for our customers by offering them more innovative and value-added products.”

Microsoft and Funai deepen partnership with cross-licensing agreement

April 27, 2016

Microsoft Corp. and Funai Electric Co. Ltd. (“Funai Electric”) announced they are strengthening their successful partnership with the renewal of a patent cross-licensing agreement covering a range of consumer audio-video products.

“Microsoft and Funai Electric will continue to benefit from each other’s innovations in building enhanced experiences for our customers,” said Nick Psyhogeos, president of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “This cross-licensing agreement is another example of the advantages of an IP-led economy, encouraging product interoperability and accelerating research and development advances across companies.”

Joji Okada, officer of intellectual property (IP) licensing of Funai Electric, said, “Cross-licensing partnerships foster better collaboration and technology sharing. We see an enduring value in continuing to work with Microsoft that is mutually beneficial to all of our customers.”

Visuality Systems and Microsoft expand Server Message Block collaboration to storage systems

April 11, 2016

Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Visuality Systems Ltd. announced the expansion of their Server Message Block (SMB) collaboration from the embedded world to the enterprise market. This broad partnership will mean enhanced business solutions to more products worldwide.

“NQ™ Storage reflects 17 years of SMB development experience and is targeted to fill a missing void in the storage market,” said Tal Widerman, marketing manager of Visuality Systems Ltd. “Our joint efforts focus on providing storage developers with a commercial Microsoft interoperability solution stack.”

“The patent and business collaboration between Microsoft and Visuality Systems builds on an already strong partnership that will deliver enhanced business solutions across products for more consumers,” said Nick Psyhogeos, president of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “This relationship enables storage manufacturers to turn their storage system into network attached storage by the integration of Microsoft’s SMB protocol. We are glad to be working with Visuality Systems to maximize the SMB support efficiency in the storage market.”

Microsoft and Rakuten sign patent licensing agreement

March 9, 2016

Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Rakuten Inc. signed a worldwide patent cross-licensing agreement covering each company’s respective consumer electronics products, including Linux and Android-based devices.

“Our agreement with Rakuten reinforces the opportunities that cross-licensing can bring to companies across the technology spectrum,” said Nick Psyhogeos, president of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “We’re pleased to have found a mutually beneficial path of collaboration that will ultimately benefit consumers.”

“This agreement gives us the freedom to bring our customers new and exciting products, while jointly recognizing the value of patented innovation,” said Akio Sugihara, managing executive officer and director of Rakuten.

Microsoft and Wistron deepen collaboration with Android patent licensing renewal

March 7, 2016

Microsoft Corp. and Wistron Corp. announced a renewed Android patent licensing agreement covering Wistron’s tablets, mobile phones, e-readers, and other consumer devices running Android and Chrome platforms under Microsoft’s patent portfolio. This deal extends and expands a prior Android intellectual property (IP) license between the companies.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to enhance consumer experiences through our renewed and strengthened partnership with Microsoft,” said Eric H. Ma, head of Wistron’s Legal Division.

“Combining access to Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies with Wistron’s impressive engineering capacity is a powerful recipe for improved customer solutions,” said Nick Psyhogeos, president of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “Our partnership with Wistron highlights the kind of opportunities created through mutual respect and alignment on intellectual property.”

Microsoft and Acer expand partnership to bring Microsoft services to more customers on more devices

February 10, 2016

Microsoft Corp. and Acer Inc. announced the expansion of their global partnership to bring Microsoft mobile productivity services to more consumers. From the second half of 2016, Acer will begin pre-installing Microsoft services and apps on its portfolio of Android smartphones and tablets. Specifically, customers will benefit from the productivity tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype on select Android smartphones and tablets from Acer.

“We’re excited to partner with Microsoft to provide enhanced mobile productivity to our products,” said ST Liew, president of Acer Smart Products Business Group. “By integrating the Microsoft software suite, Acer customers will enjoy productivity on-the-go along with the familiar computing experience on their smartphones and tablets.”

Nick Psyhogeos, president of Microsoft Technology Licensing, said, “We’re pleased that we have been able to enhance the already strong partnership that exists between Microsoft and Acer. Mutually beneficial and collaborative agreements such as this one promote innovation and lead to better products and experiences for consumers.”

GoPro and Microsoft sign licensing agreement

February 6, 2016

Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC announced a new collaborative patent licensing agreement with GoPro Inc. for certain file storage and other system technologies.

“This agreement with GoPro shows the incredible breadth of technology sharing enabled through patent transactions,” said Nick Psyhogeos, president of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “Microsoft’s licensing of personal wearable technologies is seeing strong demand as we partner with companies from all industries to optimize solutions for their customers around the globe.”