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Microsoft PlayReady is a Content Protection Technology that is massively deployed in the world. PlayReady runs on all sorts of devices, apps, and operating systems. Thousands of services around the world and more than four billion devices use PlayReady.
PlayReady content protection is proven, versatile, and scalable. Its development is the culmination of over 14 years of research and investment - resulting in a significant patent portfolio. Microsoft’s PlayReady content protection provides valuable and reliable IP protection to over 1,000 licensees around the globe and from all parts of the ecosystem, enabling these licensees to deliver secure, premium content to millions of customers worldwide. What makes PlayReady so effective in an ever-evolving marketplace is Microsoft’s direct collaboration with the media industry leaders, content providers, OEMs, service providers and network providers to develop features and functionality for premium entertainment experiences.
PlayReady can work on non-Windows platforms (such as iOS and Android) and is used by most major online video services today.

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Always first review the PlayReady website to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate license agreement for your company.

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Our IP Licensing team provides licensing administration for Microsoft PlayReady Agreements. It's important to note that Microsoft only executes these technology distributions and/or product development agreements with a "Company" (which may be a sole proprietorship, corporation, educational institution, or a non-profit). Contact us to ensure your accounts are up to date prior to starting your licensing request.

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