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Microsoft business email and calendaring products help you stay on top of what matters with a clear, unified view of your email, calendar, and contacts.

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Stay connected wherever you are

Microsoft 365 syncs emails, calendars, and contact information across your devices in real time, so it’s up to date, no matter what device is in your hand.1 Scheduling is easy and hassle-free anywhere. And if you lose your phone, don’t panic. You can wipe it remotely to keep your personal information secure.

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Customize and store every email

Your emails are more distinctive when you create a custom format, include images, and use your own domain name.2 You can do all three with Microsoft 365. You can also send messages as big as 150 MB, and with 100 GB of storage, keep all the email you want, even with custom formats and images.


Get worry-free email

Microsoft 365 gives you a simplified admin center that lets you set up new user emails, restore deleted accounts, create custom scripts, and more from anywhere. You also get industry-leading anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering to guard against ever-present email threats. With some Microsoft 365 plans, you also get archiving capabilities for legal discovery and compliance, plus eDiscovery.

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Make the right connection

Get rich insights about the people you’re working with, inside and outside your organization, by connecting your LinkedIn and Microsoft 365 profiles.


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Microsoft email and calendaring products

Microsoft email and calendaring products


Stay more connected and productive with a clear, unified view of your email, calendar, contacts, files, and social networks with Outlook.

Microsoft Exchange

Exchange business email helps increase user productivity while protecting your organization’s data. Get it as a hosted service or run it on your servers.

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