• Striving to Keep Customer Data Secure and Private
    We work hard to protect your assets whether in our environments or yours through proactive security and built in security measures in our products and services.
  • In recent years, there were many APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attacks happening in this region. Quite a few government agencies were affected by the incidences. So we had an urgent need to build a holistic protect mechanism.
  • Combating Crime to Promote Safer Online Experiences
    We work with law enforcement and with academic and nongovernmental organizations to promote safer online experiences.
  • Learn about our new approach to cyber and operational security in a mobile-first, cloud-first world in this video with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Julie White, GM of the Microsoft Cloud Platform.
    Comprehensive Approach

    Comprehensive Approach

    Our comprehensive Security and Identity services across strategy, planning, implementation, and ongoing support, can help your business implement holistic solutions that align with your strategic goals.

    Unparalleled Access

    Unparalleled Access

    With direct access to product development teams, we can create solutions that integrate, and enhance the latest security and identity capabilities of our products to help protect your business and drive innovation.

    Highly Skilled Resources

    Highly Skilled Resources

    Entrusted with helping protect and enable the world’s largest organizations, our diverse group of technical professionals consists of highly trained experts who offer a wealth of security and identity experience.

    Cybersecurity Risk Landscape

    The New Realities of Cyber Risk

    Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Overview

    Protect Your Systems

    The first stage of the security management lifecycle must focus on stopping attackers before they gain entry, so defenses that block malicious software and unauthorized access are critical.

    Microsoft Security Risk Assessment—How to Optimize Your IT Security Program

    Mitigate Pass-the-Hash and Other Forms of Credential Theft

    Microsoft Security Risk Assessment

    Gauge the effectiveness of your existing security program and create a strategy to improve your company’s security posture.

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    Offline Assessment for Active Directory Service

    Identify vulnerabilities within your enterprise that can lead to compromise of the Active Directory service, including exposure to credential theft attacks.

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    Enhanced Security Administration Environment

    Thwart credential theft attacks by implementing credential hygiene, auditing and monitoring, multifactor authentication, and hardened administrative workstations.

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    Securing Lateral Account Movement

    Defend against lateral traversal—a key aspect of pass-the-hash attacks—by making it harder for attackers to move between computers without affecting your administrator’s ability to manage effectively.

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    Detect Threats

    To detect and deter cyberthreats effectively, monitoring and analysis tools must provide an overall picture of an environment’s security status. This means not only detecting attacks at the network perimeter but also identifying internal threats—whether suspicious activities or system weaknesses.

    Advanced Threat Analytics Implementation Services (ATAIS)

    Expand your IT and security specialists’ understanding of the threats detected by Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) and learn how to respond appropriately.

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    Respond to Attacks

    In the event that your organization does experience an intrusion or disruption, having effective contingency plans, processes, tools, and competencies in place can help you react swiftly to contain and eradicate the threat. By using timely incident reports, you can assess any system damage or data loss and move quickly to resume operations.

    Cyber Incident Response via Your Premier Support Contract

    Cyber Incident Response via Your Premier Support Contract

    Incident Response and Recovery

    Access highly specialized security support engineers and onsite incident response teams to move quickly against security breaches and weaknesses.

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