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Be among the first to see what an AI-powered future means for cybersecurity at Microsoft Secure on March 28. Register now

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Everyone has a role to play in cybersecurity

Empower your organization to be cyber smart with cybersecurity awareness videos, infographics, and an email—all curated by the security experts at Microsoft.

Insights powered by 65 trillion daily signals

The state of the threat landscape

Get the latest learnings from more than 8,500 Microsoft security experts, practitioners, and defenders in the 2022 Microsoft Digital Defense Report.

Learn how Microsoft shut down more than 10,000 cybercriminal domains

Attend this virtual event to hear real-world threat protection learnings from the security experts who developed the Microsoft Digital Defense Report.

Cybersecurity awareness resources

Deep-dive cybersecurity training and research

Expand your expertise

Browse learning paths, certifications, and technical documentation to help you continue your cybersecurity education.

Become a security insider

As the number and pace of threats continue to accelerate, security is the top priority for every organization. Stay informed with the latest threat intelligence insights from Microsoft's daily signals.

Explore what’s next in security

Learn about the latest cybersecurity innovations and hear from product experts and partners at Microsoft Ignite.

Security resources and training for small businesses

Learn how to protect your business

Get insight into the unique challenges of keeping a small business secure and find resources to help you protect your data and systems from cyberattacks.
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Cybersecurity literacy and skills for all

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Discover self-paced learning paths

These beginner-level modules help learners understand concepts such as cybersecurity, Zero Trust, and ransomware.

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Explore educational opportunities

Discover how Microsoft and The Last Mile Fund can help you or someone you know pay for a cybersecurity education.

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Get certified to fight cybercrime

If you’re an eligible student, get your Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals certification for free and earn college credit.

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Cybersecurity 101

Get an introduction to the concept of cybersecurity and learn about the many types of threats and how you can stay protected.

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Additional resources

International Women’s Day: The power of diversity to build stronger cybersecurity teams

An increase in diverse attacks demands a diverse industry, and Microsoft and its partners are actively working to celebrate, nurture, and encourage women to build their careers in cybersecurity.

Empowering a community of women in cybersecurity

Learn from the many mentorship, skilling, and community programs Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) provides to women interested in cybersecurity pathways.

Nurturing the next generation of female cyber defenders

Discover how Girl Security is creating awareness of Cybersecurity careers for girls through accessible training, mentoring, and practical work opportunities.

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