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Internal knowledge distribution and sharing

Internal content is created faster than it is humanly possible to translate for all your internal stakeholders, as well as key partners, customers, and distributors.

A study conducted by Microsoft showed that more than 95% of pages created on internal company sites are never translated beyond their initial publishing language. For the less than 5% of sites that are translated, the translation is limited to one or, at most, two additional languages.

By translating content into just the world's top 10 languages, this study estimated that a company will, on average, cover almost 78% of its business footprint. Even by only supporting the top 5 languages, a business will be able to reach more than 60% of its global footprint.

This is true whether the content is:

  • Training material for customer-support or field teams.
  • Sales or partner readiness tools such as manuals, presentations, collateral, and training materials.
  • Human-resources communications.
  • R&D internal research papers.

Any area where knowledge-sharing needs to reach employees or partners in a language other than their own, machine translation is the only economically viable solution to scale across your organization’s communication channels.

Learn more about machine translation and how Microsoft Translator works.

Microsoft Translator offers a broad set of options to allow customers to integrate machine translation across all these communications channels. In addition, Translator lets users customize text translations. Custom Translator allows you to build unique, industry-specific language models.

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