Employee Giving at Microsoft

Employee Giving at Microsoft

Hooray for Giving!

At Microsoft, giving is ingrained in our culture, a cornerstone of our citizenship and as our employees will tell you, one of the most rewarding — not to mention fun — aspects of our jobs.

When our giving program began in 1983, approximately 200 Microsoft employees raised $17,000 for nonprofits. Today, more than 39,000 employees participate in the campaign, which is approximately 65% of Microsoft’s total U.S. workforce.

How Giving Works at Microsoft

Microsoft’s annual Employee Giving Campaign takes place in the U.S. throughout the year, with a special push every October. You can feel the energy on campus as the campaign hits high gear, with more than 300 activities including a 5K Run, an online auction and other special events.

Microsoft matches employee nonprofit donations and volunteering year round up to $15,000 per employee. Microsoft also helps employees find nonprofits that best match their volunteering skills and interests with our own in-house volunteering tool.

It adds up to a very real impact on local communities near and far — and an enduring giving culture that stems directly from our mission as a company: to help people realize their full potential, in everything they do.

Employee Giving by the Numbers

  • Microsoft employees have donated more than $1 billion, inclusive of the corporate match, since 1983.
  • Microsoft employees in the U.S. have volunteered more than 2 million hours of their time to causes they care about since we began our volunteer match program in 2005.
  • Since 1983, Microsoft and its employees have provided more than $6.5 billion in cash, services and software to nonprofits around the world.

Maximize the Match

Ever wonder how the Employee Giving programs at Microsoft really work? Are you interested in knowing what the annual Employee Giving Campaign that takes place in October each year on Microsoft campuses throughout the country is all about? Download our Maximize the Match one pager for more information. To watch an educational session designed for non-profits throughout the community, as well as the Microsoft employees that support them, who want to be sure to make the most of the Microsoft Employee Giving programs, click here. You'll learn some of the basics about the programs while also hearing about best practices for being successful in your fundraising efforts at Microsoft.