Solutions to empower flexible work

Our end-to-end, integrated portfolio of cloud solutions helps you build flexibility across your organization and improve your bottom line.

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Flexible work

Organizations need reliable and secure hybrid-work resources to stay competitive in today’s environment. Help your people, teams, and broader organization successfully adapt to the new way of work with Microsoft solutions.

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How Microsoft can help

Solutions to empower flexibility

Flexible, hybrid work enables your team to connect and collaborate with each other around the world. Empower your team—no matter where they are—with applicable training, tools, and other resources.

Agile supply chain

Adapt quickly to disruptions with end-to-end operational visibility.

Business insights and analytics

Accelerate business insights with analytics and AI to make informed decisions and plan ahead.

Hybrid teamwork

Empower collaboration and help employees stay connected while limiting meeting fatigue.

Sales and service

Enable your workforce with new digital capabilities and tools, and effective training on them.


Help protect your digital assets across one connected and secure ecosystem.

Training and certification

Keep up with rapidly changing business needs by learning the most sought-after technology skills.

Resources for small and medium-sized businesses

Find tools and tips that help you work remotely, stay secure, get the most from your small business solution, and more.

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