Microsoft Rural Airband Initiative: Technology and Patents

Today, 23.4 million Americans in rural communities lack broadband internet access. The time is right to set a clear and ambitious but achievable goal: to eliminate the rural broadband gap within the next five years. Microsoft believes the U.S. can bring broadband coverage to rural areas within this time frame, based on a strategic approach that combines private sector capital investments in new technologies and affordable public sector support. Microsoft further believes that other countries can similarly bring broadband coverage to their rural areas over time.

At Microsoft, we are prepared to invest ourselves and serve as a catalyst for broader market adoption of this new model. Stimulating investment by others through technology licensing: Our ultimate goal is to help serve as a catalyst for market investments by others in order to reach additional rural communities. We therefore are launching a new technology program to stimulate investment through royalty-free access to at least 50 patents and sample source code (click link at end of this webpage) related to technology we’ve developed to better enable broadband connectivity through the use of TV white spaces spectrum in rural areas. Click here to learn more about the Microsoft’s Airband Initiative.

Here’s our patent pledge and a list of the Microsoft Airband Initiative patents:

Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC (“MTL”) promises not to assert any of the White Space Patents against you for making, using, offering to sell, selling or importing Implementations in countries covered by the White Space Patents until the first of the following to occur: (a) the expiration of the last to expire of the White Space Patents, or (b) the filing, maintenance, or voluntarily participation by you in a patent infringement lawsuit against MTL, Microsoft Corporation or their affiliates arising from an Implementation. No other rights except those expressly stated in this promise shall be deemed granted, waived, or received by implication, exhaustion, estoppel, or otherwise.

“Implementations” means implementations that provide or support internet connectivity in a radio frequency spectrum designated for television broadcast by the relevant governing authority.

“White Space Patents” means the United States patents and applications in the list below, and any of MTL’s worldwide patents or applications that claim priority to the United States patents or applications in the list below. MTL may expand the list from time to time as MTL procures additional patents directed towards TV white space technology.

  • US10129883
  • US9924371
  • US9918313
  • US9883406
  • US9854501
  • US9801074
  • US9787507
  • US9769796
  • US9763255
  • US9730186
  • US9723541
  • US9705637
  • US9681367
  • US9674839
  • US9544777
  • US9538390
  • US9462479
  • US9438374
  • US9408132
  • US9397723
  • US9392568
  • US9386558
  • US9357402
  • US9332439*
  • US9313664
  • US9301299
  • US9288682
  • US9288681
  • US9277032
  • US9271156
  • US9179323
  • US9178652
  • US9094837
  • US9094834
  • US9042935
  • US8938272
  • US8929935
  • US8929933
  • US8923770
  • US8879573
  • US8849269
  • US8812011
  • US8811903
  • US8805427
  • US8547862
  • US8488633
  • US8473989
  • US8437790
  • US8254393
  • US8185120
  • US8179797
  • US7876786
  • US16/145612
  • US15/817019
  • US15/693132
  • US15/634565
  • US14/829977
  • US14/484256*
  • US13/828622*

*no longer active

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