Microsoft Corporate, External, & Legal Affairs (CELA) helps our legal professionals reach entirely new levels of productivity with solutions that work with offerings like Office 365, SharePoint, and Yammer. We are partnering with Microsoft product teams to bring these legal specific productivity solutions to law firms and law departments.

Document Management

Learn more about Office 365 for the Legal Industry.

Attorney and Client Collaboration

Moving data to the cloud means attorneys can work from any device, anytime, anywhere—this opens up better ways to collaborate. Files posted on SharePoint or OneDrive for Business can easily be shared between attorneys, clients, and external partners. Contracts and other documents that require collaborative input can be completed faster. Case documentation is much easier to share with everyone that needs access.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge management is taking the way we share information today, such as emails, reports, and case-related documents, and making it easier to find and use across the organization. Posting information to tools like Yammer and SharePoint makes it easy to discover. Put simply, less time searching for information can equate to more billable hours.