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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Government

Empowering US public sector employees to work together, securely.

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Solutions for U.S. public sector

Protect, detect, respond

Leverage automation to help protect your agency against cyberattacks.

Cross-agency collaboration

Transform coordination across departments to improve mission outcomes.

Built to support your compliance journey

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Microsoft 365 was built to meet the enhanced security and compliance requirements of the US government.

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  • Federal, State, and Local U.S. Government agencies, as well as commercial companies, holding controlled unclassified information, criminal justice information, and export-controlled data will find that Microsoft 365 Government offers the most robust set of capabilities while meeting necessary regulatory controls.

  • The Microsoft Trust Center provides detailed insights about industry standards, third-party audits, and regulatory compliance.

  • Learn more and how to buy here.

Windows 365 Government

Empower US public sector employees to work from anywhere, on any device, securely.

Government resources

Microsoft Tech Community

Get tips and advice from other users and Microsoft experts.

Trust Center

Microsoft offers the deep expertise and information to help government organizations meet regulatory responsibilities.

Microsoft in Government

See how government agencies are using Microsoft cloud technology including AI, and IoT.

Microsoft 365 Government

See the service description for Microsoft 365 Government.

Get started with Microsoft 365 for Government

  • For product availability and feature functionality please reference the roadmap and filter by cloud instance (GCC, GCC High, or DOD).
  • [1] Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) will end Mainstream Support on January 12, 2021. Extended Support will continue until January 2026. Find additional information here.
  • [2] Microsoft Viva Insights (personal insights) not yet available for GCC High or DoD.

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