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Microsoft Entra External ID

Secure customer and business collaborator access to applications.
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A complete external identity management solution

  • Help protect external identities with strong authentication and granular access policies.
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  • Define the right level of access, govern identity lifecycles, and establish effective access controls for customers and business collaborators.
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  • Design easy, intuitive sign-up and sign-in experiences for end users.
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  • Make it easy for development teams to embed identity security to any app or any customer experience.
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Secure external identities

Establish strong authentication

Enforce conditional access policies and multifactor authentication to prevent risky access and safeguard user credentials.

Design customized user experiences

Customize configurations, components, and branding. Enhance application functionality and brand recognition.

Scale on a reliable platform

Gain scalability and performance with reliable access and authentication response times regardless of traffic demand.

Streamline collaboration

Securely share apps and services with guest users from other organizations and maintain control over your corporate data.

Govern external identities

Manage identity and access lifecycle and review access rights for collaborators accessing your organization’s resources.
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Grant external identities access to apps and services

Enable your organization to secure and manage all external identities with a complete customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution.
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Integrate External ID across your portfolio

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Ensure business collaborators have access to the right resources at the right time.
ID Governance
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Plans and pricing

Get started for free and pay as you grow.

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Get started with External ID

Frequently asked questions

  • Effective May 1, 2025, Azure AD External Identities P1 and P2 will no longer be available for new purchases. Existing customers can continue using the product. There will be no changes to the product experience and operational commitments. Support will continue for Azure AD External Identities and a simple migration path will be provided when it’s available.
  • Azure AD B2B collaboration is now part of Microsoft Entra External ID as External ID B2B collaboration. It remains in the same location in the Microsoft Entra admin portal within the Workforce tenant.
  • Microsoft Entra External ID supports a revamped and dedicated developer community with documentation, code samples for download, and other resources.
  • Microsoft Entra External ID supports all external identities that are not employees or students, including customers, partners, business collaborators, business consumers, guests, contractors, constituents, and citizens.
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