Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting

Proactive threat hunting that extends beyond the endpoint.

Two people working together at a desktop.

Proactive, comprehensive threat hunting

Unify cross-domain signals that go beyond the endpoint with Defender Experts for Hunting.

Access expertise on demand

Consult with our experts on specific incidents, context clarity, and additional threat intelligence.

Benefit from cross-domain hunting

Get a full picture of the attack story as we reason over 43 trillion cross-domain threat signals around the clock.

Prioritize significant threats

Improve SOC response with timely notifications and analysis of what we investigated and found.

Our proactive threat hunting process

Included capabilities

Industry recognition

Industry-leading managed detection and response

Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting is a Leader in the 2022 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluations for Managed Services.


Bridgewater goes all in on Microsoft Defender Experts

“Only Microsoft offers a coherent architecture that combines end-to-end security solutions with such a high and broad degree of productivity, hardware, and tight interoperability.”


Igor Tsyganskiy, CTO, Bridgewater Associates

DGS Law raises the security bar with Microsoft Security Experts

DGS Law raises the security bar with Microsoft Defender Experts

“This threat hunting service could work for many kinds of organizations needing a turn-key solution they can get up and running in days without a full security team.”


Chad Ergun, CIO, Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP


Learn threat hunting basics in this Forrester report

Kickstart your threat hunting program and reap the benefits to improve your overall SOC response.1

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Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting

Find out how Microsoft can help provide proactive threat hunting that extends beyond the endpoint.

1. Forrester, Threat Hunting 101: Providing A Meaningful Definition For Threat Hunting. Jeff Pollard, Allie Mellen, with Joseph Blankenship, Alexis Bouffard, Peggy Dostie. July 15, 2022.

2. ESG Research Report, What Security Teams Want from MDR Providers. Dave Gruber, September 2022.

This diagram describes how Microsoft hunts beyond endpoints and provides recommendations in a five-step process. Starting with formulating a hypothesis to explain data suggesting a potential threat, then finding context using artificial intelligence and observation. Then Microsoft hunts and collects more data to investigate and analyze the most critical threats. From there, Microsoft notifies customers of the findings with recommendations.