Security in Internet Explorer

Security in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 11 is the newest web browser from Microsoft. It comes with your Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 update and is available for Windows 7.

Internet Explorer helps you have more control over your privacy and enhanced protection from the latest online threats.

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InPrivate browsing

Web browsers store information to make it easier and faster for you to log on to websites or to make recommendations. But when you browse the web on a public network (or even at home), you might not want to store information such as passwords or search and webpage history.

If you use an InPrivate tab to browse, Internet Explorer 11 will delete your passwords, search history, and webpage history when you close the tab.

Do Not Track

With Internet Explorer 11, Do Not Track is enabled in the “Express Settings” portion of the Windows 8 setup experience.

The websites you visit often contain content from third parties. In order to load this content, certain information about your computer is sent to each of the third parties.

With the Do Not Track feature built into Internet Explorer, you can send a signal to marketers and websites requesting them to not collect data that enables them to track you on the web.

Windows SmartScreen

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether or not a site is legitimate. SmartScreen helps you identify known phishing and malware sites and helps you make informed decisions about app downloads.

Security in Internet Explorer - Application Reputation

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