Reporting Infringements on Search

Submitting an Infringement Notice for Paid Search Results

Use this online form to submit a notice of trademark or copyright infringement related to search advertising (i.e. paid) search results.

Information on Microsoft’s Intellectual Property policy related to search advertising can be found here.

Submitting an Infringement Notice Relating to Microsoft’s Ad Network Display Advertising


Microsoft is a signatory to the Statement of Best Practices Guidelines for Ad Networks. Please click here to submit a notice to Microsoft under the Statement of Best Practices.


Submitting an Infringement Notice for Algorithmic Search Results

Use this online form to submit a notice of copyright infringement related to algorithmic (i.e. unpaid) search results appearing on Bing (or our partner sites). For Bing’s IMAGE SEARCH INDEX results and VIDEO SEARCH INDEX results, email your notice to the DMCA agent at

Microsoft may provide your notice to third parties (including the alleged infringer). Notices of copyright infringement must comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You can find information on these requirements and Microsoft’s Designated DMCA Agent here.

Other Complaints Regarding Search

If you have a concern regarding a search result on that does not relate to a copyright or trademark topic, please go here.