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Enterprise-grade security for your cloud apps

Whether or not you’re in the cloud, your employees are. Bring the security of your on-premises systems to your cloud applications—both approved and unapproved—for deeper visibility, comprehensive controls, and enhanced protection against cloud security issues.

App discovery

Discover all the cloud apps in your network, gain visibility into Shadow IT and assess risk—no agents required.

Data control

Shape your cloud environment with granular controls and use out-of-the-box or custom policies for data sharing, and data loss prevention.

Threat protection

Identify high-risk usage and cloud security issues, detect abnormal user behavior, and prevent threats.

How Cloud App Security is different

Visibility and control—no agents required

Discovery tools collect information from firewalls and proxies to know which cloud apps are in use—identifying over 13,000 apps—to assess risk. No agents required.

Deep Office 365 integration

Through deep integration, Cloud App Security provides advanced security management capabilities for Office 365 apps.

Comprehensive controls for sanctioned apps

Approving apps isn't enough to deal with cloud security issues. You need to maintain control over them. From data sharing to data loss prevention, set policies and enforce them right away on your cloud apps—whether from Microsoft or third parties.

Protection enhanced by Microsoft security intelligence

Draw from the vast amount of Microsoft threat intelligence and security research data for anomaly detection and threat prevention that identifies and stops risky behavior right away.

Enterprise-grade integration

Offering a simple deployment and management process, Cloud App Security is scalable, non-intrusive, and integrates with your current solutions—including existing security information and event management systems, identity and access management, single sign-on, and analytical solutions.

Builds on the broader Microsoft security platform

Cloud App Security works together with our current identity and security solutions—including Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, and Azure Information Protection. Plus, it’s part of Enterprise Mobility + Security, delivering a holistic, innovative and identity-driven approach to SaaS security.

What people are saying about Cloud App Security



”At Box, we believe in a modern content management and collaboration experience where information can move easily and securely between individuals and organizations, and across devices and applications. By working closely with Microsoft Cloud App Security, we’re providing businesses with stronger controls and deeper visibility around their cloud apps, and protecting against unwanted access to critical business content.”

Roger Murff, Vice President of Technology Partnerships at Box

Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“The growing use of cloud applications at Hewlett Packard Enterprise creates some interesting challenges for us since we have traditionally secured applications within internal datacenters. Microsoft Cloud App Security has given us a key capability to secure and provide insight into cloud applications so we can make the move to the cloud without compromising the visibility and control we have come to expect.”

Andy Radle, Cloud Security Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

How to buy Cloud App Security

Cloud App Security is available for purchase as a subscription for $5 per user per month (estimated retail price). It is also a component of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E5, which is the most cost effective way to acquire all of managed mobile productivity and identity-driven security solutions, including Azure Active Directory Premium, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, and Intune.

For more information, contact a Microsoft representative at (800) 426-9400 in the United States or (877) 568-2495 in Canada.

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