Secure multi-factor authentication methods for your business

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Improve security, enable convenience

Reduce the risk of phishing, password spray, and password replay by switching to a password-less multi-factor authentication solution. Give your users an easy, convenient way to sign in and access work data from anywhere.

Get your personal account set up today

Break free from passwords for your Microsoft account with secure sign-in options that don’t require remembering a password.

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Manage and control authentication at scale

Make password-less authentication possible for your business with an identity and access management solution that can manage single sign-on for all your users and protect identities from being compromised. Monitor sign-ins and set risk-based conditional access policies for your devices and users for added security.

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Recommended steps to go password-less

  • 1. Enable Azure Active Directory
  • 2. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication and Self-Service Password Reset
  • 3. Deploy a Windows Hello roll-out on Windows 10 devices
  • 4. Try out Microsoft Authenticator phone sign-in for added mobility
  • 5. Prepare for FIDO2 security keys
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