New skills for a new way of working

AI is changing the way people learn, work, and connect. Microsoft is focused on helping people around the world stay ahead of emerging skills gaps and succeed in a rapidly changing economy.

AI Skills Initiative

The AI Skills Initiative helps people and communities everywhere learn how to harness the power of AI. The initiative includes free coursework developed with LinkedIn; a global challenge in coordination with; and greater access to resources for everyone to improve their AI fluency.

AI Explained virtual community events

Microsoft hosted a series of virtual community events to help explain the fundamentals of generative AI and explore how it is helping people create, solve complex problems, and benefit their communities. Available now on-demand in 11 languages.

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Data and insights

Explore the latest data and trends to inform our collective work to help people build in-demand AI skills.

Explore learning pathways

We offer resources to meet learners where they are on their skilling journeys.

New resources for educators

Explore the potential of AI

Microsoft Learn introduces a new course designed to help educators confidently navigate the world of AI in education. The content covers essential AI concepts, techniques, and tools, and highlights practical applications to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

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Enhancing teaching with Bing Chat

This course is designed to help educators understand how to use Bing Chat in teaching and learning. Educators who complete this course will explore several styles and features of Bing Chat and learn to design prompts and images. Educators will also learn to critically evaluate chat responses.

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AI Guidance for Schools Toolkit

TeachAI has created a toolkit to help education authorities, school leaders, and teachers create thoughtful guidance to help their communities realize the potential benefits of incorporating AI in primary and secondary education while understanding and mitigating the potential risks.

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Harnessing the power of AI

We recognize the potential of AI to serve as a catalyst for a new era of opportunity and economic growth. Learn more about our approach and how it works.

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