Expanding opportunity

To help people harness the power of AI and other breakthrough technologies, we are focused on building the capacity of organizations that are key to driving inclusive economic growth.

Partnering for collective impact

We work with communities to help support learners and remove barriers to opportunity. Together with our dedicated partners, we have helped more than 80 million people access digital skills since 2020. But there is more work to do.

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New skills for a new way of working

Rapidly advancing technology is transforming how we live, learn, and work. Microsoft is focused on helping people around the world stay ahead of emerging skills gaps.

In-demand skills for your community

Providing skills training is complex work. Focused on where we believe we can have the greatest impact, we share content, curriculum, training materials, and insights.

Adult woman attentively listening in a classroom surrounded by adult students on laptops.

AI skills

AI offers tremendous potential to empower workers around the world—but only if everyone, everywhere has the skills to use it.

A man standing in a field of green crops takes notes on a tablet device.

Sustainability skills

Climate change is the defining issue of our generation.  We must move quickly to help people access sustainability knowledge and skills.

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Cybersecurity skills

Currently there aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals to meet demand. Together, we can help people build skills for these high-wage, high-growth jobs.

Digital literacy and productivity skills

Everyone starts somewhere. To meet learners where they are on their own skilling journey, we also make digital literacy, productivity, and cloud skills resources available.

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Additional resources for your organization

To empower everyone to thrive in an AI-enabled economy, we provide resources to build digital skills, increase access to computer science (CS) education, and address key skills gaps.


Access learning resources tailored to provide nonprofits’ employees and civil servants with technical skills and knowledge while supporting their trainers in landing skilling programs.

Skills training for your team

Successful digital transformation starts with a culture of continuous learning. We’ve brought together resources to support nonprofits with the technical skills and knowledge needed to grow alongside an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Technology to accelerate your mission

Power your nonprofit with free technology grants and custom-built solutions for nonprofits.

Career connections

Microsoft Learn Career Connected brings together job seekers and companies looking for people interested in Dynamics 365, Azure, Azure Data, Azure AI, security / cybersecurity, or Power Platform. (US only)

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Forging new paths to tech careers

Microsoft Leap's mission is to recruit, develop, and upskill unconventional talent for employability into the technology industry worldwide. The program provides a unique integrated learning experience with in-classroom and on-the-job engineering projects designed and customized by Microsoft engineers. 

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Support for women entrepreneurs

Women in Digital Business is a new initiative by the International Training Centre of the ILO and Microsoft with the objective of unlocking the participation of women entrepreneurs in the digital economy by giving them access to training programs on digital skills.

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Featured resources

We’re proud to surface new resources from Microsoft and our partner ecosystem to help scale impact. Access the latest resources.

Skills for Jobs learning pathways

We have learned that skills alone aren’t enough for people to get the jobs they want – especially the most in-demand jobs. That’s why we offer free access to 350 courses and nine Career Essentials Certificates by Microsoft and LinkedIn to help job seekers showcase their skills to employers.

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Hour of Code 2023: Generation AI

Venture through time to create helpful AI-powered inventions in the new Minecraft Hour of Code: Generation AI. Use problem solving, creativity, and computational thinking along with the principles of responsible AI. Learn the basics of coding and how to build better AI for all.

New toolkit from TeachAI

The toolkit is designed to help education authorities, school leaders, and teachers create thoughtful guidance to help their communities realize the potential benefits of incorporating artificial intelligence in primary and secondary education while understanding and mitigating the potential risks.

Local partner resources

Our partners offer resources in multiple languages. Access a sampling of content to support skilling in your local community. Additional languages coming soon.


Together with Förderverein  für Jugend und Sozialarbeit e.V. (fjs) we have developed the "IT-Fitness" initiative as part of our qualification initiative in Germany offering free and beginner-friendly learning experiences in AI, Cybersecurity, and Green Digital Skills.


Fondazione Mondo Digitale, together with Microsoft, has created a national infrastructure of hubs on generative AI and a network of trainers for the training of local communities including resources for Cloud & AI skills.

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A new AI fluency learning pathway is now available in Portuguese. Explore on partner e-learning platforms with skilling content ranging from digital literacy through advanced courses in Cloud, AI and Cybersecurity.


Fundación Esplai promotes citizen empowerment through community social intervention, socio-educational action and inclusion in the field of information and communication technologies. They offer new courses on AI & Cloud skills. 

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See it in action

Learn more about how our partners and programs grow access to digital skills and create pathways to jobs.

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Technology solutions for nonprofits

Power your nonprofit with free technology grants and custom-built solutions for nonprofits.

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Inclusion is innovation

At Microsoft, we are partnering with academics and thought leaders from around the globe to provide perspectives on how organizations and individuals can help increase diversity and strengthen a culture of inclusion.

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Achieving more together

We believe that companies that can do more, should. Learn about our commitments to ensure the technology we create benefits everyone on the planet as well as the planet itself.