Our actions

Our commitment starts with ensuring everyone has the skills to thrive in a digital, AI-enabled economy, and extends to empowering nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and other organizations to digitally transform and address society’s biggest challenges.

Grow access to digital skills and opportunity

To empower everyone to thrive in an AI-enabled economy, we help people build digital skills for jobs and livelihoods, increase access to computer science education, and address key skills gaps.

Equip changemakers

Nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and humanitarian organizations address our world’s most pressing challenges. We make technology, industry-specific solutions, and support affordable, so they can achieve more.

Close the data divide

We believe everyone can benefit from opening, sharing, and collaborating around data to make better decisions, improve efficiency, and help tackle some of the world’s most pressing societal challenges.

Protect public health

Public health is an issue that impacts every person on the planet, transcends every border, and is critical to our ability to survive and thrive. Technology can play an important role in responding to health crises, advancing research, and improving access to care for traditionally marginalized communities.

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Progress toward a better future

As we work to help everyone achieve more, we're committed to improving our world and reporting our progress.

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