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Microsoft 365

From intuitive sharing with OneDrive to driving prioritization with Viva Goals—here’s what’s new in Microsoft 365

In today’s shifting macroeconomic climate, Microsoft is focused on helping organizations in every industry use technology to overcome challenges and emerge stronger. From enabling hybrid work to bringing business processes into the flow of work, Microsoft 365 helps organizations deliver on their digital imperative so they can do more with less.

This month in Microsoft 365, we’re introducing new sharing experiences in OneDrive, enabling creation and collaboration in Microsoft Office, and connecting employees to organizational goals with Microsoft Viva Goals. And our new How to Hybrid: The WorkLab Guides offer practical guidance to help leaders make hybrid work work.

Let’s dive in.

Streamline file sharing and communication in the flow of work

OneDrive is the core system for powering all file-sharing experiences across Microsoft 365. We’re excited to preview new capabilities to help you access everything you need, whether you’re working alone on a project, collaborating with your team, or organizing important documents or files.

We’re creating a more intuitive sharing experience across OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams that provides a quick, robust way to locate and share files and manage access settings across individuals and groups.

The redesigned OneDrive Home experience surfaces your most recent files along with any activity updates, so you can see everything at a glance and quickly prioritize where to start working. You can also filter by file type (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx, and .pdf) using the buttons at the top of the Recent file list.  

Filter by file type using buttons at the top of the Recent file list.

Finally, to easily find and access the places where you continually work, you can pin document libraries to the Quick access section in the left navigation bar of OneDrive Home. Learn more about the latest OneDrive capabilities.

Microsoft Teams Phone is the market leader in cloud calling across VoIP and PSTN with more than 12 million PSTN users. We are introducing a new Teams Phone Pay-As-You-Go calling plan option to give customers even more flexibility to choose the plan that best meets their organization’s needs. Each Pay-As-You-Go license includes a phone number and unlimited inbound calling, while outbound calls accrue per-minute charges. The Pay-As-You-Go calling plan is now available in select markets.

Enable creation and collaboration with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 lets you create, share, and collaborate all in one place with your favorite apps. New capabilities in Microsoft Office make it easier to access, create, and organize ideas on the web or on your mobile device.

On the web, People Pinning under My content enables you to create a more personalized experience by pinning your top collaborators so that you can easily get back to the content from your most important contacts.

On the mobile app, Microsoft Feed lets commercial users discover interesting and relevant content, activity, and insights all drawn from their Microsoft 365 network.

And Microsoft Lens in the app uses interactive text to help you reuse information from existing photos, screenshots, or camera views to quickly capture notes, copy and paste across platforms, save to your device, or share with others.

Reconnect and engage a dispersed workforce

Organizations increasingly recognize that employee experience and wellbeing are essential to productivity—it’s why 25 percent of the Fortune 500 already use Microsoft Viva. We’re adding new capabilities in Viva and Teams to help keep employees connected to each other, their team, and to the organization’s mission, culture, and business goals.

Viva Goals—now generally available—connects employees to your organization’s goals, helps them stay aligned at scale, and drives business results to empower people and teams to understand their impact. Viva Goals supports the objectives and key results (OKR) goal-setting framework that naturally creates alignment between the work teams are doing and an organization’s top business priorities. Because Viva Goals is a part of Microsoft Viva, it integrates into the employee experience, empowering people and teams to be their best from anywhere. Use Viva Goals as a standalone web application or directly from inside Teams and our other third-party integrations. Learn more about Viva Goals.

We now have an improved Polling experience in Teams. Teams meeting owners can easily create and launch new pre-defined polls or repurpose recent polls to increase engagement and collect input from their meeting attendees, as well as share the results live. A new, dynamic experience with animations for voting and results views makes polls more interactive and engaging. We’ve also added Rating as a new question type. Read more about what’s new in Microsoft Teams.  


Leverage the How to Hybrid: The WorkLab Guides

For leaders grappling with how to make hybrid work work, check out the new WorkLab Guides. From collaborating asynchronously to hosting effective meetings to knowing how and when to come together in person, these detailed guides include hands-on advice to help leaders navigate the new approach to work and figure out what works for their teams. Learn more at The WorkLab Guides.

Security practitioner or information worker working from home office.

How to Hybrid: The WorkLab Guides

Leverage hands-on advice to help leaders navigate the hybrid work world.

Looking forward

This month we debuted enhanced capabilities across Microsoft 365 to help people collaborate and stay connected and engaged in the flow of work. Stay tuned for more developments next month, as we highlight a number of new product innovations in Microsoft 365.