Microsoft Managed Desktop

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Check out the announcement blog to learn more about Microsoft Managed Desktop.


Delight end users, protect devices, and stay focused on your core business by quickly modernizing your workplace computing with the Microsoft Managed Desktop.

The best user experience

Harness the combined power of Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus, and the Microsoft Cloud to empower your people with a modern desktop experience like the one they have with their modern personal devices.
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Always up to date with the latest technology

Enjoy all the current features of Microsoft 365 with automatic software updates that protect and maintain your desktop performance.

Desktop security and IT services backed by Microsoft

Give IT pros time to focus on strategic goals while Microsoft handles security, desktop support, operations, and cloud-powered analytics.
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Microsoft Managed Desktop overview

Microsoft 365

State-of-the-art productivity, security, and management technologies:
Windows 10 & Office 365 ProPlus
Azure AD & Intune
Desktop Analytics
Windows Autopilot
Microsoft Threat Protection

Managed by Microsoft

Optimized for user experience, device security, and automatic updates: 

Standardized Microsoft 365 configuration
Cloud-based device management
Agentless, fast, battery-preserving user experience
Intelligent security monitoring
Windows 10 and Office 365 feature updates
Monthly security updates

Microsoft Managed Desktop partners

Complementary products and services that fit your specific goals: 
Certified modern devices
End-user support
LOB app management
Customer readiness
Deployment support
Value-added services

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"Like most business owners, my time is spent primarily in solving the problems that come up. The one problem I don’t have to think about anymore is technology. Microsoft has solved that for me."

Bill Predmore, Owner & President, Seattle Reign FC


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Read how Microsoft Managed Desktop helps with digital transformation and manages your modern desktop experience.

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Read the announcement blog about Microsoft Managed Desktop.
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Explore customer requirements

Check out more documentation and resources on what’s needed to start with Microsoft Managed Desktop.