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Small group of employees meeting in an open space.

Championing a Modern Workplace

See how our customers are equipping employees with the right tools to transform their organization and drive innovation.

Group of employees in an open work space

Forbes Insights on Everyday AI

Get a real-world perspective on how AI is having a transformational impact on knowledge workers and how you can get your own AI programs up and running.

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Forrester consulting research on AI value

Discover how graph-powered AI is fueling knowledge worker productivity through improved discovery functionality and automatic task completion. 

Employee engagement

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Reimagining accessibility

See how organizations with Microsoft 365 technologies are building a more inclusive environment for over 1 billion people with disabilities.

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Engaging employees while transforming culture

Join Microsoft’s Chief People Officer, Kathleen Hogan and business leaders from around the world to learn how great companies are creating a more engaged workforce.

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Great teamwork starts with mindfulness

The practice of being self-aware and present in the moment is linked to many individual benefits, but mindfulness impacts aspects of team dynamics as well.

Physical space

Group of employees working in a modern workplace

Creating a workplace for today

Learn how WeWork and Office 365 are transforming our idea of the workplace, empowering people to create their best whenever, and wherever, they work.

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Remote work by the numbers

70 percent of employees are estimated to work remotely at least once a week. See the hard numbers behind the trends and benefits of remote work.

The Modern Workplace

The Modern Workplace

Stay on the cutting edge of technology and business innovation with our video series.

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