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Updating your cybersecurity strategy to enable and accelerate digital transformation

This post is authored by Cyril Voisin, Chief Security Advisor, Enterprise Cybersecurity Group. 

Nowadays every company is becoming a digital company to some extent. Digital transformation changes the way business is done. For example, it puts more control into the hands of employees, who now demand anytime, anywhere connectivity to the solutions and data they need to accomplish their objectives. Adoption of digital technologies takes place at every level of the organization, and shadow IT reminds us that employees may procure their own IT solutions to be more productive. Solutions require careful security considerations before being approved. Therefore, it’s important to redefine your strategy to support both security and productivity, based on sound risk management.

Over the last decade, the security landscape has changed dramatically. Therefore, the security approach must be adapted to a new world of constant change and massive digitalization. With dramatic events such as Wannacry or NotPetya, cybersecurity has become a board conversation. Savvy enterprises now consider cybersecurity risks as strategic, the same way they consider financial risks.

Defining a crisp modern security strategy to support business success

A modern security agenda needs to define the purpose of the security team, its vision and mindset. It should also explain the high-level strategies it will employ, and how it will be organized, including the definition of priorities and deadlines and how the results will be measured. The figure below shows an example of a modern security agenda that can be summarized in a single slide for the purpose of sharing with your executive team.

Download the whitepaper on cybersecurity for digital transformation

More detailed information regarding enabling and accelerating digital transformation is available in this whitepaper. It is designed to articulate what a modern security strategy can look like, and is useful for CISOs, CIOs, CDOs, and potentially board members who want to learn more about secure transformation and benchmark their own teams. It was first released as an exclusive distribution in Dubai in October 2017, and now we are making it more broadly available today.

You can download the whitepaper here.

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